Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




46 Beelzebub Explains to His Grandson the Significance of the Form and Sequence Which He Chose for Expounding the Information Concerning Man


“And for the Reason-of-understanding these factors are as follows: the first, that is the ‘sacred-affirming,’ is the newly perceived impressions of any localization which has at the given moment what is called ‘the-center-of-gravity-functioning’; the second or ‘sacred-denying’ is the corresponding data present in another of his localizations; and the third factor is what is called the ‘being-Autokolizikners,’ or as they otherwise call it ‘Hoodazbabognari,’ the sense of which name signifies, ‘the results of the persevering actualizing of the striving towards the manifestation of one’s own individuality.’


“By the way, you might as well hear still once more even if you do know it, that the said being-Autokolizikners are formed in the presences of three-brained beings in general in all three localizations exclusively only from the results of the actualization of ‘being-Partkdolg-duty,’ that is to say, thanks to those factors which, from the very beginning of the arising of the three-brained beings, our UNI-BEING COMMON FATHER designed to be the means for self-perfection.


“It is these same formations in the common presences of three-brained beings which are actualized as the third holy force of the Sacred Triamazikamno for the arising of the Reason-of-understanding.


“Only thanks to this factor, in the process of the blending of newly perceived impressions of every kind in the presences of three-brained beings, are there crystallized on the basis of the Sacred Triamazikamno data for one’s own cognizance and understanding proper to the being alone; and likewise exclusively only during such processes of the crystallization of the data for consciousness in the presences of three-brained beings does there proceed what is called ‘Zernofookalnian-friction’ thanks to which the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis are chiefly formed in them for the coating and perfecting of their higher parts.


“I must tell you here that only the newly perceived impressions which are crystallized in the said order and which newly arise in beings from conscious mentation, settle in the localizations of beings, just in those series of formerly fixed data which are similar to these impressions and which correspond to those already present in them.