Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




30 Art


“These mysteries there incorporated in the process of their ordinary existence centuries earlier already began gradually to disappear soon after the Babylonian period. At first their place was taken by what are called their ‘Kesbaadji,’ or, as they are now called there on the continent Europe, ‘puppet shows’ (Petrushka); but, afterwards they were finally ousted by their still existing ‘theatrical-shows’ or ‘spectacles’ which are there now one of the forms of that said contemporary art of theirs which acts particularly perniciously in the process of the progressive ‘shrinking’ of their psyche.


38 Religion


“The third religion, founded on the teaching of Jesus Christ, very soon became in its primordial form so widely spread that almost one third of all the three-centered beings of this planet were its followers.


“But thereafter they began gradually to ‘strip’ also this religious teaching based on ‘resplendent Love,’ and transformed it into something also ‘resplendent,’ but already, as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin says, into a ‘resplendent-Terasakhaboora from the fairy tale ‘Kasoaadjy.’