Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




30 Art


“Although I intend to explain to you in detail in the future how and why in the presences of the ‘Insapalnian-cosmic-concentrations’ every kind of definite formation acquires the property, from evolving and involving processes, of producing various effects upon the mentioned organ of the beings, nevertheless I do not consider it superfluous to touch upon this question also now.


“It is necessary to say, first of all, that according to the completed result of the fundamental cosmic law of the holy Heptaparaparshinokh, that is, that cosmic law which was called by the three-brained beings of the planet Earth of the mentioned Babylonian period the Law of Sevenfoldness, the ‘common-integral-vibration’ like all the already ‘definitized’ cosmic formations is formed and consists of seven what are called ‘complexes-of-results’ or, as it is also sometimes said, of ‘seven-classes-of-vibrations’ of those cosmic sources, the arising and further action of each of which also arise and depend on seven others, which in their turn arise and depend on seven further ones, and so on right up to the first most holy ‘unique-seven-propertied-vibration’ issuing from the Most Holy Prime Source; and all together they compose the common-integral-vibration of all the sources of the actualizing of everything existing in the whole of the Universe, and thanks to the transformations of these latter they afterwards actualize in the presences of the cosmic ‘Insapalnian-concentrations’ the said number of the various ‘tonalities-of-color.’


“And as regards the details of the most holy ‘unique-seven-propertied-vibrations,’ you will understand them only when, as I have already many times promised you, I shall have explained to you in detail in its proper time all about the most great fundamental laws of World-creation and World-maintenance.


“And meanwhile concerning the given case you ought to know that when this said common-integral-vibration, that is, what the terrestrial three-brained beings call the ‘white ray,’ enters with its presence proper to it into the ‘spheres-of-the-possibilities’ for its transformation in the presence of an Insapalnian planet, then there proceeds also in it, just as in the case of every already ‘definitized’ cosmic arising possessing the possibility of still further actualization, that cosmic process called Djartklom, that is, it itself remains as a presence, but its essence, as it were, disintegrates and produces processes for evolution and involution by the separate ‘gravity-center-vibrations’ of its arising and these processes are actualized thus: one of the gravity-center-vibrations is derived from the others and is transformed into a third, and so on.