Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“The point is, that according to various second-grade cosmic laws, the ‘being-body-Kesdjan’ cannot exist long in this sphere, and at the end of a certain time this second being-part must decompose, irrespective of whether the higher being-part existing within it had by that time attained the requisite degree of Reason; and in view of the fact that as long as this higher being-part does not perfect its Reason to the requisite degree, it must always be dependent upon some Kesdjanian arising or other, therefore immediately after the second sacred Rascooarno every such still unperfected higher being-body gets into a state called ‘Techgekdnel’ or ‘searching-for-some-other-similar-two-natured-arising-corresponding-to-itself so that when the higher part of this other two-natured arising perfects itself to the required degree of Reason and the final process of the sacred Rascooarno occurs to it, and the speedy disintegration of its Kesdjan body is not yet clearly sensed, this higher being-body might instantly enter this other body Kesdjan and continue to exist in it for its further perfection, which perfection must sooner or later be inevitably accomplished by every arisen higher being-body.


“And that is why, in that sphere to where the higher being-part goes after the first sacred Rascooarno, that process proceeds called ‘Okipkhalevnian-exchange-of-the-external-part-of-the-soul’ or ‘exchange-of-the-former-being-body-Kesdjan.’


“Here, you might as well be told that your favorites also have, as it were, a similar representation about the ‘Okipkhalevnian exchange’ and they have even invented a very clever name for it, namely, ‘metempsychosis’ or ‘reincarnation’; and that branch of their famous science which in recent centuries has been created around this question also gradually became, and at the present already is, one of those minor maleficent factors, the totality of which is gradually making their Reason, already strange enough without this, always more and more, as our dear Mullah Nassr Eddin would say: ‘Shooroomooroomnian.’


“According to the fantastic branch of this theory of their ‘science,’ now called spiritualism, they suppose among other things that each of them already has a higher being-part or, as they call it, a soul, and that a transmigration must be occurring the whole time to this soul, i.e., something of the kind of this same ‘Okipkhalevnian exchange’ of which I have just spoken.