The Holy Planet Purgatory – 1931 manuscript


The next day, the ship set off for its final destination in the direction of the Planet Karatas, where Beelzebub is now dwelling. Shortly after the ship had started, Hassein sat down as usual at Beelzebub’s feet, and said, “Grandfather, dear grandfather, please explain to me, why, as we have been told, on this holy planet Purgatory, on which we have just been, Our All-Comprehensive Endlessness so often appears?”

At this question, Beelzebub thought a little longer than usual and then said:   “It is a pity, my dear Hassein, that it is impossible at the moment to reply at length to this question of yours, because we shall soon be arriving on our planet. For a complete understanding, that is, such an understanding as I would like to give you of this holy planet, Purgatory, I should be obliged to talk a very long time. But do not fail to remind me of it, on a more convenient occasion when I may be able to explain it all to you. The understanding of the holy planet Purgatory is the most important thing for your education, and sooner or later, it will become decidedly necessary for every being, of whatever nature or form, to know of it.

“Nevertheless, my dear boy, as we shall not be arriving home at once, in order to shorten the time, I will try my best to reply in brief to your question, “Why Our Endlessness appears so often on that holy planet?” Then Beelzebub spoke as follows:

“Our Endless Creator appears so often on that planet, only because, there dwell the most unfortunate souls from among all the souls existing in the Universe. The souls who are on this planet Purgatory suffer as nothing and nobody suffers in the whole Universe. And for this reason Our All-Loving Boundlessly Compassionate Creator, His Endlessness, having no other possibility of helping them with anything, appears often on that planet, to soothe these souls in their terrible inevitable state and grief, by his presence.

“To understand these souls, it is first and absolutely necessary for you to know, in general, what a soul is. But even before you can understand this, you should understand why souls exist in the Universe at all, and why souls, as well as the whole of the Universe, were created by Our Almighty Creator.

“So listen attentively and try to assimilate these ideas into yourself.

“Our Creator was compelled to create the Universe for the following reason:

“When nothing else as yet was in the World, in the whole of the Universe, only the Sun-Absolute existed, and there on this Sun-Absolute, Our Almighty God existed with only His Cherubim and Seraphim.

[Purgatory, p. 2]

“Our Endlessness, Almighty God, once observed that the Sun-Absolute, itself, on which He existed was, owing to Time, diminishing gradually but perceptibly in volume, and He decided immediately to review all the Laws maintaining the existence of the Sun-Absolute.

“In the course of this search, He discovered that the cause of the diminution of the Sun is the Heropass, that is to say, Time, which gradually diminishes the substance of every force.

“As this question was very serious, He became thoughtful, and in these Divine reflections of His, He saw clearly, that, if this Heropass should continue to reduce the volume of the Sun-Absolute in this way, then sooner or later, it would eventually be to its complete destruction. Our Endlessness was then compelled to undertake several appropriate measures, so that this destruction of the Sun-Absolute from the Heropass should be averted.

“After great labours, He completely averted the whole of the threatened danger; and He accomplished this, in the following way:

“You must know that up till then the Sun-Absolute had in itself, for its existence, only the force of the ‘Autoegokrat’; that is, an independent force depending on nothing external itself. This same force, in its turn, was formed only of two Laws, namely, the Law of ‘Triamonia’ and the Law of ‘Eftologodiksis’. To these two Laws, Our Creator added the third force, called ‘Fagolgiria’, by means of which the ‘Autoegokrat’ became the ‘Trogoautoegokrat’, that is, a force depending on other forces exterior to itself. Or, as it might be said, after the addition of the Fagologiria, the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis could function only by feeding on the substances and forces coming from without.

“When I shall explain later, pay special attention, and try to understand very clearly these Laws of Triamonia and Eftologidiksis, since a complete understanding these two Laws will enable you to understand completely all other laws, both of the Creation, as well as of the maintenance of the Universe.

“I have already told you that the Sun-Absolute formerly existed only owing to these two independent Laws.

“The first of these two laws was just the Triamonia, or as it is also called, the law of ‘Threefoldness’. This Law of Threefoldness, in its turn consists of three forces, called ‘Surpotheos’, ‘Surpakiros’, and ‘Surpathanatos’. But, for convenience, mathematics calls these three forces of the Law of Threefoldness, the force ‘Plus’, the force ‘Minus’, and the force ‘Neutralizing’, or ‘Pushing’, ‘Resisting’, and ‘Equilibrium’. On certain planets, these three forces are also called ‘God the Father,’ God the Son’ and ‘God the Holy  Ghost’.

“The second Law maintaining the Sun-Absolute is the law of Eftologodiksis; and this law is a force constantly evolving and involving in itself. The highest physico-chemical knowledge formulates this force as follows: ‘The flowing of the line of a force which constantly deflects according to the law, with its ends meeting again.’

[Purgatory, p. 3]

“When our Endlessness decided to make the existence of the Sun-Absolute Trogoautoegocratic, since forces, or substances, coming from outside were necessary for such an existence, He decided first of all to create the sources whence these forces and substances could come.

“He created them in the following way: He directed the action of the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis, which had been in the Sun-Absolute itself, from within the Sun-Absolute to without, and from this resulted what is now called, ‘The Word God’ or ‘Emanation. From that moment, the Sun-Absolute began to emanate from itself the action of the forces of the Triamonia and the Eftologodiksis, and this same emanation began to spread everywhere in the Universe.

“It is necessary to tell you, that when Our Creator directed the forces of the Sun-Absolute from within out, the emanations obtained from this had not at first, for a reason which I shall afterwards explain, the possibility of containing all three forces of the Triamonia in a vivifying state. Only two of these were vivifying, namely, the Positive Force and the Negative Force. Our Almighty Endlessness was therefore obliged to vivify the third force, the Neutralising Force, during the First Creation by the force of His Own Will. And having concentrated this, His force of Will, He created from the emanations issuing from the Sun-Absolute certain fixed points. And later, at these fixed points, again by the force of His Will, and with the help of the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis, which were already formed in these fixed points, Our Endlessness began to create gradually the ‘corresponding’, as the result of which the Suns were formed which exist at the present time. After the creation of all that was necessary on these suns, the latter began to emanate also. They became as the Sun-Absolute, but as Absolute of the Second Grade.

“The emanations of the Absolutes of the second grade having been established, everything thereafter was created without the Will of Our Creator taking part in it. Further creations began to be formed automatically owing only to the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis and chiefly because these laws were now ‘fagolished’, that is, could everywhere function only owing to the forces coming from without. From that time forward, the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis began to make their cycles in all their octaves, both inside the suns and outside.

“The automatic creation of the suns proceeded further in the following way: the emanations of the newly-created suns became to each other as positive and negative, and the emanations of the Sun-Absolute itself became neutralising for these emanations of the newly created suns. Owing to this established Law Of Triamonia, and like-wise to the Law of Eftologodiksis, which already began to make its outer chief cycle, there began to concentrate around each newly created sun, further new fixed points, in which and upon which again, owing to the same laws, ‘The corresponding’ gradually began to be created. As a result’ suns again were formed, but suns of the third grade .

“Further, upon these suns of the third grade, on the basis of the chief cycle of the Law of Eftologodiksis, and on the basis of the greatest deflection contained in this law, the smallest likenesses of the Megalocosmos began to be formed; and, still further, owing to a law, also cosmic, called the ‘Accumulation of Similarities,’ forms of these smallest similarities of the Megalocosmos were grouped together. Having thus accomplished its chief outer cycle,

[Purgatory, p. 4]

the Law of Eftologodiksis thenceforward entered quite within the cosmoses created on different scales, and began to make its evolutions and involutions in them.

“The part subsequently played by these cosmoses of differing scales, consisted, how shall I tell you, in their becoming something like machines in the Universe, in which machines, owing to these two fagolised laws, that is Triamonia and Eftologodiksis, the cosmoses began to convert, or as it is said, to transform all the substance-matters of the Universe of all densities and all rates of vibration; that is to say, those machine-cosmoses began to convert substance-matters from one degree to another degree in the chief octave of the cosmic substances.

“Thus, owing to these machine-cosmoses, all substances began to evolve and involve and from this arose the exchange of substances owing to which a reciprocal feeding resulted in all the cosmoses. In this reciprocal feeding, the Sun-Absolute also took part. In this manner Trogoautoegokrat was established in the Universe and all the cosmoses began to maintain the existence of each other by this reciprocal feeding.

“Each cosmos itself began, either to serve as food, or to prepare matters through itself for other cosmoses. And by this Trogoautoegokrat that constant equilibrium was established which now deprives the Heropass of the possibility of doing anything unexpected to our Sun-Absolute.

“Names were then given to these cosmoses, and these names exist even to the present day.

“Thus our whole Universe had been called ‘Megalocosmos’ since then: and this Megalocosmos consists of seven cosmoses, these seven cosmoses are called as follows:

      (1) The Sun-Absolute itself: ‘Protocosmos’.
      (2) All the newly created suns together: ‘Macrocosmos’.
      (3) Each newly-created sun individually: ‘Defterocosmos’.
      (4) The third grade suns called: ‘Messacosmos’.
      (5) Those smallest similarities of the Megalocosmos, which were
              formed on the Messacosmoses were called ‘Microcosmoses’
      (6) Those forms accumulating from these Microcosmoses were called:

“By the way, you must know that the Messacosmoses are just those points of the Universe, which we now call planets, and Tritacosmoses are just those forms, now called beings, which inhabit the planets.

“Names were given then also to the emanations and radiations of the suns of all three grades. The Emanations of the Sun-Absolute were called, ‘Ayalogos’; the emanation of the newly-created suns, ‘Okidonos’; and the radiations of the planets were called ‘Dinamodonis’.

[Purgatory, p. 5]

“When all had become regulated in these cosmoses and their harmonious mechanical reciprocal maintenance, through reciprocal feeding had been finally established, then, my dear Hassein, in one of these cosmoses, namely, in the Tritacosmos, owing to the fact that this Tritacosmos had received its form on the surface of the Messacosmos, that it, of the planets, and owing to the fact that this surface by chance afforded suitable possibilities and conditions, and, of course, also, owing to the fact that this cosmos was a part of the fulfilment of the Trogoautoegocrat, that is, could exist owing to the support of other cosmoses, and in turn served to produce substances for support of other cosmoses, – owing to all these reasons, on certain planets, among these Tritacosmoses, the possibility of mechanical movement on the surface of those planets was obtained.

“This mechanical movement was specially helped by the fact that the need of food of this, as well as of all other cosmoses, was not continuous but periodic.

“When our Endlessness observed this unforeseen phenomenon, the idea first arose in Him for the governance of the enlarged Universe, to create for Himself from these Tritacosomoses, a certain help.

“We can clearly see that this idea then first arose in Our Endlessness from the words of the hymns with which our Cherubim and Seraphim still extol the works of Our Creator, during all the festivals.

“In short, when Our Creator, His Endlessness, decided to prepare help for Himself, He first began to organize on certain planets conditions of such possibilities for Tritacosmoses, that, among them, in a certain manner of existence, in their bodies, formed of Microcosmoses, another body could also be formed, of similar shape, but from substances of a higher rate of vibration, namely, from substances of atmosphere already formed around each planet in which such corresponding substances were present; that is, substances formed through the radiations of any solar system, during the action of the Trogoautoegokrat of the chief cycle of cosmic Eftologodiksis. The forming of this – the second body – was necessary in order that the process of the Triamonia should be obtained in these Tritacosmoses, and from the result of the process of the Triamonia the possibility of having ‘Instinct,’ as it is called, is obtained.

“Afterwards when this second body was formed in certain Tritacosmoses, Instinct began to function in them.

“These Tritacosmoses were then named ‘beings,’ which means ‘those who feel’.

“Later on, after these Tritacosmos-beings had become two-bodied and the Instinct began to adapt itself entirely for functioning, a third body, also an exact copy of the first body which was formed of Microcosmoses, gradually began to be formed in this new second body of theirs, from substances still more vivifying.

“These substances were of emanations of almost all the Defterocosmoses, that is, of the Suns-Absolute of the second grade. In these substances, the ‘corresponding’ entered by means of emanations from the Sun-Absolute its that is, Our Protocosmos.

[Purgatory, p. 6]

These third bodies of the beings-Tritacosmos began afterwards to be called ‘Souls’.

“Owing to this third body, Pure Reason began to be formed among the Tritacosmos from that time. This Pure Reason can also be formed at the present time, but only in those beings, in whom their third body, that is, the soul has been perfected.

“And this forming of the second and third bodies in the beings Tritacosmos was brought about in the following way. Try to understand very well that I am now going to tell you, because at present, our second and third bodies are also formed and improved in the same manner as was done in the first beings. It was as follows:

“When all the seven cosmoses had become machines for our Universe, and through these machines all the substance-matters of the Universe had begun to evolve and involve, that is to say, to pass from one density to another, or as it is said, when the atomic elements began to acquire in themselves the greatest and least vibrations, then in each cosmos, according to the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis, there began to become transformed three kinds of substance matters, which are present in three independent centers of gravity, composing the chief octave of substance-matters present in all our Megalocosmos, that is, in all our Universe.

“By the way, you must absolutely know, that all beings Tritacosmos, then as well as now, besides being independent individuals for the forming and improving of their souls, were and are also machines, through which evolve and involve corresponding cosmic substance-matters for the feeding and maintaining of this, that or the other cosmos. Briefly, they form the existing Trogoautoegokrat of the Universe.

“These beings, being also cosmoses, evolutions and involutions could also begin to proceed through them for the Trogoautoegokrat of the corresponding degree of substance-matters, forming the chief octave of the Triamonia and the Eftologodiksis, of the substances of the whole of our Universe.

“And as in every atmosphere of every planet, there are substances derived from all substances emanated or radiated by all the cosmoses of our Megalocosmos, it follows that through these Tritacosmoses, substances of all cosmoses could evolve and involve.

“Generally through every cosmos, three kinds of substances, that is, substances from the three grades of the chief octave of the Triamonia of all substances of the Universe, mechanically evolve or involve, according to the lay of the Triamonia. And therefore also through these Tritacosmos-beings, substances of three degrees also evolve and involve.

“The first were substances formed from the radiations of their own planet. The second were substances emanated and radiated, both from their own sun, and from all the other planets of their particular Solar System. And the third matter is that which is formed from the emanation of all the suns of Our Universe , among which, is even our own Sun Absolute.

[Purgatory, p. 7]

“Although all the machine-cosmoses of the Megalocosmos in the Universe having nothing in common with each other in regard to size, or by exterior form, nevertheless the processes of the evolution and involution of matter proceed as I have already told you, equally in all cosmoses, according to the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis.

“It will be best, I think, if we take as an example your contemporary beloved beings of the planet Earth.

“In the Universe there are also machine-beings for transmuting substances upwards and downwards; and they also have in themselves the same organization as other cosmoses, that is, they are also similar to the Megalocosmos.

“Although the planet Earth was not yet in existence when the first Tritacosmos- beings appeared, yet the processes of evolution and involution then proceeded through the first Tritacosmos-beings, just as at present, the same evolutions and involutions of cosmic substances proceed through these favorites of yours.

“By the way, you will remember that amongst your beings there is an expression somewhere: “That we are made in the image of God’. This is quite true, and really they are similar in everything to the Megalocosmos. These words, it seems, are the only thing in which they are not mistaken. But unfortunately these words also, like everything else amongst them, have only the outer form; that is to say, these words are for them only empty, like words learned by heart, meaningless and not understood. For instance, supposing that they should really wish to realize the sense of the words uttered by them that we are in the image of God, they would at best, in order to understand them have to argue as follows: If we are in the image of God, then God must be like us; hence God must have the same appearance as we have; the same moustache, the same nose, the same character; He dresses Himself in the same way, and so on, and so forth, all in the same manner. Pretty certainly they would represent God with a comb sticking out of His left pocket, for combing His beard. They do, in fact, picture Him to themselves as an old man with a long grey beard and for some reason or other, He has to look like an old Jew.

“These words however, that they are made in the image of God, that is to say, like the Megalocosmos are really very just. The organization and functions of their bodies are similar to the Megalocosmos in everything, down to the tiniest trifle in every detail. For instance, they have in the head, a brain; by its function this brain exactly corresponds to the role which our Protocosmos, that is, the Sun-Absolute, fulfills for the Megalocosmos, and the cells of the brain of the Earth-beings fulfill the same role as the souls who are at present on the Sun-Absolute.

“In the marrow of the spine, they have spinal nodes, which are the same fixed points for the brain as the Defterocosmos, are for the Protocosmos. And in the brain, these nodes are similarly resistant in the Law of the Triamonia, just as all the Defterocosmoses, that is, the newly created suns of the Universe, are resistant to the Sun-Absolute.

“In the trunk, your favorites have certain nervous nodes, which they call the solar plexus. In these nervous nodes there settle to the bottom, just those forms of all the results of the strong perceptions and impressions which arise

[Purgatory, p. 8]

only when, intentionally or accidentally, friction or a struggle takes place between the affirming of the brain and the denying of the spinal marrow, as it always occurs between the Protocosmos and the Defterocosmoses. And the results of these struggles are for their Triamonia neutralising; as for the Triamonia of the Megalocosmos, all the creations of the Universe are neutralising – those creations arising from the positiveness of the Protocosmos and the negativeness of the Defterocosmoses.

“In a word, just as amongst your beings the Triamonia is formed by the substances of their head-brain, spinal marrow, and the accumulated results in the nervous nodes of their trunk, so also, for the Megalocosmos, the Triamonia is formed by the emanations as follows; the positive are the emanations of the Protocosmos, the negative, the emanations of the Defterocosmoses, and the neutralising – all the creations of the whole Universe.

“For the maintenance and renewal of the sources of all the three parts of their Triamonia, your favorites have also three kinds of food, the substances of which are derived from three different places, having three different densities, corresponding to the three different degrees of the matter of the fundamental octave of substances of the Triamonia of our Megalocosmos.

“The substances of the first kind of food of the Earth-beings are those which they obtain through their ordinary food and drink. These are derived from the planet itself, that is to say, they are obtained from substances which are formed from the minerals and ‘centrovodi’ of their planet, and chiefly during the passing of the substances from one density to another.

“Their second food, they obtain, as they say, by breathing air. This same air, as I have already told you, is composed of substances radiated by their own planet, as well as by the other planets of their system. There are in the same air, substances derived from emanations of all the suns also, and even from the emanations of the Sun-Absolute itself; but as yet, these substances cannot be assimilated consciously by your favorites, but enter only as their nature demands, and to serve as the highest neutralising substances for the possibility of continuing their race, and for the maintenance of the general cosmic harmony of the Trogoautoegokrat.

“They have no necessity, at present, of a conscious assimilation of these substances, because they have also no need to form consciously, and to improve in themselves, the body of the conscience – ‘Kesdjan’ and the body of Pure Reason, namely the body of the soul. On the other hand, for mere existence and the continuation of their race, these same substances automatically enter all the beings without their consciousness and will, and to the degree necessary for the cosmic Trogoautoegokrat. And for this unconscious assimilation, it is not at all necessary for your beings to ruffle and upset their undivine self- complacency.

“The conscious assimilation of these matters is for the beings of that planet at the present time, a quite superfluous luxury. Only at the beginning, for the beings of the continent Atlantis, was the use of this third food considered the most important aim of one’s existence. This food was called ‘Helkdonis’ and the process of nourishment by this food was called, ‘Helping God.’ But

[Purgatory, p. 9]

contemporary beings have no name for this third food at all; they neither know nor suspect its existence, or that they assimilate it automatically, and that it is the chief thing necessary for the improvement of beings in general, and also a very necessary food for them.

“Be that as it may, the three kinds of cosmic substances composing the fundamental octave of the Law of Triamonia, must also enter into your Earth- beings for transformation. Through ordinary food and drink, negative substances enter into them; through air, positive substances; and through this Helkdonis, the neutralising; or, as the beings of Atlantis said, these positive and negative substances become deified through the process of ‘Helping God.’

“These substances, in general, evolve in beings in the following way. Let us take as an example these negative substances, those namely which enter into beings through ordinary food and drink.

“The evolution of these negative cosmic substances, composing the ordinary food of beings, depends also on the Trogoautoegokrat, and particularly on the Law of Eftologodiksis, exactly as the existence of the Sun-Absolute depends upon forces external to itself. In two places, in the path of this evolution according to the Law of Eftologodiksis, help from outside is necessary in the form of substances not their own; and in this case, of substances of the negative kind. And these negative substances can evolve only with the help of these foreign substances, proceeding in the machine-beings in the following way.

“The evolution of the substances proceeds, of course, according to the Laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis. As I have already told you, all the substances of the Universe are divided into three kinds, composing the fundamental octave of the cosmic Triamonia. Each of these substances has its definite density, or, as it is otherwise said, its own definite vibration rate. The food of Earth-beings consists of substances of crystallised definite densities, or definite vibration-rates, peculiar to substances formed among these negative substances and entering into the first food of the machine-beings. In the present case, these substances are formed in the crystallisations; in other words, they are crystallised on the surfaces of the Messacosmoses, or planets.

“Owing to the Law of Eftologodiksis, every crystallisation of substances was formerly derived from the seven highest definite crystallisations; and these latter, in their turn, were formations also of seven, and so on, almost to infinity. According to the same law therefore the crystallisations of the first food of beings were also previously formed during their involution, from the seven definite highest substances with their seven definite densities or vibration-rates. And these substances now occupy the place of the negative substances of the fundamental octave of the Triamonia of cosmic substances.

“These crystallisations, then, entering into the machine-beings must evolve from the negative degree, and be transformed into positive cosmic crystallisations.

“When these negative crystallisations enter the Tritacosmos-beings in order to evolve into active cosmic crystallisations they are first decomposed in

[Purgatory, p. 10]

the Tritacosmoses, that is, they cease to be definite crystallisations, which can generally exist beyond the cosmoses as long as they please.

I will say here that in the Universe there are three kinds or three classes of crystallised matter only. At the same time, there exist in the Universe, at every moment, substances of hundreds of different densities and vibration- rates, because these latter are part of the process of the Law of Eftologodiksis, and since at every moment they can pass into greater or lesser densities, they cannot exist a long time in this state. Only such crystallised substances as are a part of the fundamental cosmic Triamonia can exist for a long time. These same definite crystallisations evolve and involve only through cosmoses which are present in the Universe, among which are just the Tritacosmoses, that is to say, beings. Through the evolutions of the crystallisations of substances of the Universe in these cosmoses, a universal cosmic harmonious Trogoautoegokrat is obtained.

“Thus the negative cosmic crystallisation, composing the first food of your Earth-beings is broken down. Each crystallisation decomposes again into those seven independent crystallisations of which it consisted before, that is to say, of which it was formed during its former evolutions or involutions, and which were able to be crystallised into their present density.

“Thereupon these former crystallisations, having now entered into the machines of the Tritacosmos beings, must evolve again into the former ones, and become positive cosmic substances.

“Always, in the Tritacosmos-beings, and also in your favorites this evolution as a rule, proceeds in the following manner: The crystallisation of substances of which their first food consists, is broken down as I have already told you, or decomposed, the process beginning from their mouth. It is transformed in the stomach into substances having a density or vibration-rate corresponding to the first centre of gravity of cosmic active substances, that is, to positive crystallised substances, which exist on the surface of the Messacosmoses in their radiations, and which generally keep to their circuit, that is to say, they remain around the planets. The evolution of substances in the machine Earth-beings, as well as in all the other beings of the Universe usually proceeds through the mixing of some substances with others.

“And this mixing proceeds in the following way: substances of the first food, introduced into these machine-beings as negative, are mixed with the positive, which have already been acquired and are in the beings. And there enter into this mixture the substances, firstly of ‘Abrustdonis’ and then ‘Helkdonis’, that is to say, in general, neutralising substances of the fundamental cosmic octave of the Law of Triamonia. These substances, by the way, are acquired in your favorites at the present time, chiefly by their voluntary or involuntary, but only acute psychic experiences, which mechanically become in them a means for the perception of this third force, necessary for their machines and for their own Triamonia. By means of all this, they fulfill, of course, unconsciously, a part of their duty to Nature. Thus the mixing of substances passing from one centre of gravity to the other, finally forms in these machines, crystallisations of positive substances of the fundamental cosmic octave.

[Purgatory, p. 11]

“In beings, as also in all the cosmoses, the Law of Eftologodiksis makes its full cycle of this particular octave; that is it transfers substances from one crystallisation to another of a higher or lower degree of the octave of the Triamonia – in short to such a crystallisation, as can exist beyond the cosmoses and have in itself all the properties of both of the chief cosmic laws of Triamonia and Eftologodiksis. Here it is very important to notice well in your consciousness that in the Law of Eftologodiksis, during the process of movement from one center of gravity to another, to the final completion of the whole process, there are gaps, or as they are called ‘intervals’, in two places, at which intervals there was ‘all’, when Our Endlessness made the existing, self-supporting and independent forces for the existence of the sun-Absolute dependent on the foreign forces from without; that is to say, He transformed the Autoegokrat into the Trogoautoegokrat. Well, then, Our Endlessness made, but only in this Law of Eftologodiksis, two gaps or intervals through which forces or substances coming from without should enter. From the time of this change, the Law of Eftologodiksis could no longer completely evolve or involve without foreign help coming through its two intervals. And this according to this property of the Law of Eftologodiksis, by means of these two intervals, it now effects the evolution and involution of substances in the beings composing the Tritacosmoses. That is to say, during the transition of substances from one centre of gravity to another, substances of the fundamental cosmic Triamonia of quite other densities, must, without fail, help in two places. And in those organic machines, such a help proceeds in the following way.

“I have already told you that the substances of the first food of beings, gradually change, beginning from the mouth and are transformed in the stomach into substances corresponding to the first center of gravity of the next higher degree of substances of the fundamental cosmic octavity; the substances of this centre of gravity are called ‘Protoehary.’

“Proceeding from the stomach, the substances named Protoehary are mixed in the same manner and pass into the second center of gravity, the central place of which is the twelve-fingered intestine; the densities of substances obtained here are called ‘Defteroehary’. A part of this Defteroehary is used for the fulfillment of the Law of the local Triamonia for the new-coming foods; the other part continues its evolution further.

“The substances named Deftoehary arising in the twelve-fingered intestine evolve further through various mixings and are transformed into substances of the third centre of gravity of the Eftologodiksis. They are called ‘Tritoehary’, and their central place is the liver. And here in this very place of the centre of gravity in the Law of Eftologodiksis which exists in beings is the first interval. When the substances reach this centre of gravity, there is an end for all of them to the possibility of their further evolution, according to the new Law of Eftologodiksis. Other substances having densities of other and higher vibrations, must, without fail, come from outside to help these substances of Tritoehary to pass into the next centre of gravity.

“Now, my dear Hassein, you can very well understand the difference between the forces Autoegokrat and Trogoautoegocrat.

[Purgatory, p. 12]

“For instance, if there existed only the old force Autoegokrat maintaining the existence at the Sun-Absolute, then by the former Law of Eftologodiksis, when the food of the beings entered into the cosmos-machines and began its evolution, encountering no obstacles, it would assuredly pursue its evolution through successive transformations into higher densities. But owing to the New Law of Eftologodiksis the substances derived from this first food and arising in the third centre of gravity of the Law of Eftologodiksis, can no longer continue to evolve independently. They can evolve further only with the, aid of help from outside. And this foreign aid for substances of the first food, at this Point, is the food which Earth-beings call ‘air’ and which, as I have already said, is formed from substances radiated from the various Messacosmoses of the given Solar System. t

“These substances derived from air, beginning from the nose of the beings, are also broken down or decomposed. They too are transformed in their lungs into the Protoehary, but into substances of the first centre of gravity of the next class of substances, namely into positive substances of the fundamental cosmic octave of the Triamonia; that is, into the crystallisations formed from the radiation of various Messacosmoses.

“This second Protoehary of the second Law, having in itself all the possibilities in the cosmoses, mixes without any hindrance with the matters of Tritoehary of the first food; and both together are transferred higher, that is, are transformed into substances Tetartoehary.

“These substances Tetartoehary have their central place in the Earth-beings in both hemispheres of their head brain. And these substances Tetartoehary thus obtained from the first food, have according to the Law of Eftologodiksis, the possibility of continuing their evolutions further without outside help alone and independently. Part of these substances Tetartoehary is spent as before for the maintenance of the machine itself, while the other part after several admixtures with substances of the same class, already present and previously formed, is finally collected in the cerebellum, as it is called, which is also situated in their head. Substances arising in this place are named ‘Pentoehary’ or as they are still sometimes called, ‘The salt of the essence’; the quintessence.

“A part of this ‘salt of essence’ or Pentoehary, in the cerebellum is, once again spent in the corresponding working of the machine itself, while the other part passes through the brain centres of the spinal marrow and through the nervous ganglia of the breast, and is eventually collected in the ovaries as they are called. Here, they come to the second interval of the Law of Eftologodiksis that is to say, they attain here the ultimate possibility of the automatic evolution of substances within the law of Eftologodiksis only; that is, without the aid of the Pure Reason or Pure Will, in the present case, of the beings of your planet themselves. These same substances, collected in the ovaries, are named ‘Exloehary’, or as the Earth-beings call them ‘sperma’.

“It will not trouble you if I tell you that in the spinal marrow of your favourites, among the fixed points about which I have told you, there is a certain fixed point, a spinal centre, situated at the extreme end of the vertebral column.

[Purgatory, p. 13]

“This is that very place, where formerly in their ancestors, the famous organ Kundabuffer, was placed. When this organ was destroyed this very brain centre had just been formed in them in this very place; and from that time it began to pass by heredity from generation to generation. Today, they call this spinal centre Kundalini, and it now plays a very strange part in their Indian Philosophy as it is called; as if there were in this very organ the lost key to the means of self-development, invented by those Indian Psychopaths.

“It is also interesting to notice that one of the functions of this same spinal centre is to act as agent by means of which the tempo of their blood circulation is changed: that is to say, of the filling of the blood-vessels about which you remember I recently told you when I said that such filling of blood-vessels induces in the Earth-beings their well known hypnotic state.

“Well, enough about this. Let us continue. We were saying that the substances named Pentoehary pass from the cerebellum through the spinal centres of the spinal  marrow and the nervous ganglia of the breast, are collected in the ovaries and transformed into the substances Exloehary or sperma.

“Either owing to the cosmic Triamonia for the formation of a new being, or owing to the Pure Reason or Pure Will, for the forming of and perfecting of the second body of being, called ‘Kesdjan’, the substances of this sperma or Exloehary can pass to the next octave.

“But in the absence of either of these two conditions of the matters Exloehary, begin to involve and to crystallise into their prime crystallisations, usually in the same order in which they have been evolved.

“The forming and perfecting of the Kesdjan is brought about by means of the substances called ‘Helkdonis’.

“Thus owing to the Law of Eftologodiksis in the machine-beings the substances of the first food of the Earth-beings, gradually evolving from their definite crystallisations from one centre of gravity to another, are eventually transformed into substances of the final centre of gravity of the Law of Eftologodiksis and can be crystallised into permanent active matters and fulfill the cosmic Trogoautoegokrat, that is, serve either for the formation of a new being or for the formation and perfecting of the second body Kesdjan.

“But unless they receive the required help, they begin, on account that same Eftologodiksis, to involve back again and eventually they pass into these negative crystallisations, from which they began their evolutions to the positive ones.

“By the way, you must know that at the present time the substances of the Exloehary do not serve at all among your favorites for conscious use. Of course without their consciousness and desire, they are used only for the cosmic Trogoautoegokrat, that is for the formation of new machines which replace them and which are required by Nature for the continuation of their race. They are also used as a means of satisfying the consequences of the properties

[Purgatory, p. 14]

of the organ Kundabuffer, that is to say, for obtaining a certain palpitating self-oblivious pleasure. Latterly indeed during these pleasures, this continuation of the race takes place accidentally among them, and certainly much against their wish, since such a result is for many of them often extremely depressing, as involving in the future, many inconveniences and deprivations of the possibility of satisfying their numerous weaknesses formed from the consequences of the properties of the, for them, fraudulent organ Kundabuffer.

“According to the Law of Triamonia, the continuation of their race from this Exloehary proceeds in the following way. In Earth-beings of the male sex, owing to certain details of mixing, Exloehary is formed with the properties of positivity, that is, activity; and the Exloehary formed in beings of the female sex, is, for the same reason, worked out with negative properties, that is passive. If during the mixing of the Exloehary of the male sex and the Exloehary of the female sex, there enter into this mixture substances of the third force, that is, of the neutralising force of the Law of Triamonia, conception ensues for a new formation; that is, the result of the union of two opposite consequences, formed from the causes resulting from the former consequences arising during the course of the cosmic Trogoautoegokrat.

“Formerly on this planet, beings also knew that for three-centre beings, besides ordinary coarse food for the stomach, it is also necessary always to feed on a second and a third food; but only the beings of that period when the continent Atlantis still existed arrived at this knowledge, and began to put it into practice. With the destruction of Atlantis there perished forever for the Earth-beings all knowledge and understanding about these two latter foods.

“Although at the present time beings of the Earth also consume all three kinds of food, yet they consume them, especially the two latter, quite automatically, without any desire or understanding.

“They know today only the first food; and they know this only because its necessity and visibility are too obvious, so that with their best will otherwise, it is impossible for them not to know about it.

“They also know a little about the second food which they simply call ‘air’. They know that without this air they cannot exist; but of what it consists and into what its matters are transformed in them, they know absolutely nothing at all.

“But as regards the third food, they not only know nothing about it, but they have never even heard of it.

“The matters of all three foods automatically evolve in contemporary beings to the degree demanded by Nature for the maintenance of their existence and the continuation of their race.

“The beings of the continent Atlantis called the second food ‘Abrustdonis’ and the third ‘Helkdonis’. Regarding these two foods as very important and the productive feeding on them as their most important duty, the evolution of

[Purgatory, p. 15]

substance of Exloehary in most of them began to proceed as it proceeds in almost all the three-centre beings on all the planets of our great Megalocosmos.

“Of this knowledge and understanding, that is, concerning the necessity of the second and third foods for beings, something has passed by some means or Other from the beings of the continent Atlantis to contemporary beings of the Earth; but unfortunately it has passed to them after the manner described by our eminent. mullah Nassr Eddin, “As for seeing him, I saw him; but strange to say, I did not observe his size’. In such a case he would also say, ‘I noticed the taste, but only from my throat down’.

“For instance, the knowledge was passed down to contemporary beings, that this Exloehary is really formed in them, and that its substances can serve beings for their perfection. That is true, but unfortunately for them, they did not acquire knowledge of the necessary means. No information reached them regarding the possibility of working out in oneself the substances of Abrustdonis and Helkdonis, which substances alone can help the further evolution of the substances of the Exloehary to this end.

“On the basis of this same degree of knowledge of the Exloehary, that is, only the truncated remains, many contemporary being have wished to perfect themselves by means of this Exloehary. With their peculiarity, they began to ‘get clever’ with this partial knowledge, and as a result of ‘getting clever’ they decide that if it is possible to perfect oneself by means of the substances of the Exloehary, then surely, by abstinence from its ordinary ejection, the perfecting would proceed as a matter of course.

“From that time on, very many of them began to abstain from the ordinary ejection of Exloehary from themselves. They joined together and formed large communities under various names; and today there exist very many of these sects whose members live together.

“They are called by other beings of the Earth ‘monks’; and the places where they dwell are called ‘monasteries’.

“It naturally never enters the heads of these monks, that although it is possible to perfect oneself by means of Exloehary, yet this perfection can proceed only through the conscious consumption and digestion of the substances of Abrustdonis and Helkdonis, and this is why of course, no effective result has ever been obtained from their abstinence, or will ever be obtained. One very strange result however has arisen.

“As I have already told you, in the process of the complete cycle of transformation of substances from one kind of crystallisations to others’ in the Law of Eftologodiksis, the substances in two of their centres of gravity cannot pass independently unless they receive assistance from other matters of higher vibrations. And only the substances of the Abrustdonis and Helkdonis can be of any assistance to the Exloehary. Without these substances, the substance of the Exloehary,having no possibility of evolving further, and at same time being unable to remain in the transitory centre of

[Purgatory, p. 16]

gravity of the Law of Eftologodiksis soon begin to involve in the machine- bodies of these unfortunate monks, back again to their first crystallisations. And this Exloehary happens to have during its involution the property, that its substances assist the machine-being to deposit what is called superfluous fat.

“This is why nearly all the celibate monks of the planet Earth grow fat, with the result that the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, are naturally still further intensified in them.

“One often meets a monk who could give very many points to that form of being which the Earth-beings expressly fatten to increase the fat of their bodies.

“And this form of being, is called ‘pig’.

“Here you must be told further that during their involution, the substances of the Exloehary have still another property sometimes; instead of fat, they deposit other substances, or ‘Yadoiounoksir’, as they are called. The monks in whom this Yadoiounoksir is deposited, become not fat, but thin, and furthermore, as a result of these substances their character becomes split and definitely dual, with outer and inner aspects having nothing in common with each other.

“And this Yadoiounoksir is produced in those monk-beings who in childhood have practiced the unpardonable habit from which pimples usually appear on the face, from which time on, certain organs in them, through which the Exloehary is formed, are already spoiled to such an extent, that these substances are either not produced at all, or are produced in a form, which acquires a similar property to that which during the involution of substances of the Exloehary forms substances of this same Yadoiounoksir, to get thin, and their character gradually divides into two, into the outer, visible to all, and the inner, purely subjective, invisible to others. Outwardly they become hypocrites, as they are called, of the highest order, but inwardly they become cynics, as they are called, also of the highest order.

“And so, my dear boy, in your contemporary beings substances are consciously taken and are transformed in them only from one degree of the fundamental cosmic octave, and as regards the two other kinds of food, they are transformed in them for the cosmic Trogoautoegokrat quite unconsciously, and therefore the beings only automatically help Nature, and not as is done by the beings of other planets with the full consciousness of their duty to the Universe in gratitude of their existence.

“Enough of your beings for the moment. Let us return once more to the beings who were first formed directly from the Tritacosmoses. Well then…owing to their normal existence and the normal evolution in them of the second food, that is of the Abrustdonis, or as the Earth-beings call it, air, their Exloehary gradually began to be deposited and to be transmuted in them; and from this process there began to be formed in their first body composed of microcosmoses, a second body. This second body was similar to the first, but formed of finer substances; and it was as if the two bodies, the coarse and the fine were put into each other.

[Purgatory, p. 17]

“This second body was and is called ‘Kesdjan’, or as it is still sometimes named the ‘body of the spirit’. When this second body Kesdjan had in its turn been completely formed in them, it also began gradually to perfect itself in the sense of mechanical reasonableness. This mechanical reasonableness formed itself and at the present time forms itself in both the bodies of the being, namely in the planetary body, or as your Earth-beings call it physical body and in the body Kesdjan. The first beings very quickly acquired this reasonableness because they existed quite normally. Moreover, normal existence was then everywhere quite possible, because on no planet was the idea entertained that any sort of peace could be obtained by means of that complacency, which in general always hinders the beings in their strivings for perfection. When this second body was also entirely perfected well, there just began then in this same body Kesdjan, and strictly in the same order, owing to the sacred substances of the Helkdonis a gradual deposit of substances formed from the emanations of the Defterocosmoses. And from these substances there was formed in them, the third body, which later was called ‘soul’. These three bodies equal in size and similar in all details are also as if one were put into the other, but they are formed of substances of quite different degrees of the fundamental cosmic octave having totally different properties, and, of course, possibilities.

“Here you won’t mind if I tell you further, that this Exloehary which Nature itself forms in your favorites, without their conscious labors, for the continuation of their race, has long ago been adapted to the service of a vice which has become prevalent among them. Unlike the beings of the whole Universe for whom the use of the substances Exloehary is considered as the chief sacrament of all their divine cosmic sacraments, your beings employ for themselves the processes of the manifestations of the substances of the Exloehary, as a means of deriving pleasant thrills, and this habit has now entered into their flesh and blood. At the present day this vice is as indispensable to them, as the nourishment derived from their first food. Amongst other beings of our Megalocosmos, the days when the process of this manifestation of the Exloehary is produced, are the greatest and most solemn days of all; and these days are called ‘Days for helping God’.

“These days are celebrated not only on the planet Purgatory but also on nearly all the planets of the Universe, and as I have already told you, they are universally considered the greatest and most solemn days of all the days of the year; and not for three-centred beings only, but for all other rather reasonable beings as well, without distinction of form or place of existence.

“Perhaps you do not yet know the significance of these great days, my dear  boy”, Beelzebub asked his grandson, upon which Hassein replied in the following words.

“No, my dear grandfather, the details of this I do not yet know. Only I do know, that the helping-God days for beings of our planet Karatas, are considered as holidays, and for these holidays there, all our beings prepare themselves almost from the very end of the previous holiday. A ‘lunias” even before the beginning of the holiday, both old as well as young cease to introduce into themselves the first food; they only pray and thank Our creator for their existence, I know also that the last two of these solemn days are considered as days for praising our fathers.

[Purgatory, p. 18]

“That is why during these days every year, my dear grandfather, we all spoke and thought about you, silently beseeching Our Endlessness to create for you such conditions of existence as might enable you quickly and easily to bring your reasonableness to the required sacred gradation, and to finish more quickly this essential existence of yours.” With these words Beelzebub’s grandson very solemnly ended his reply.

“Now well, my dear boy, when we get home, I will explain to you in detail about Exloehary, and also how these sacred sacraments proceed; but meanwhile, let us go back again to our story of the first Tritacosmos beings. If we spend so much time on digressions we shall be nearing our planet Karatas, and I may be obliged to leave unfinished the tale I have begun concerning the holy planet Purgatory.

“Although we shall not arrive on Karatas so very soon, and I certainly have time to finish my tale completely, yet the fact is, that as we now near home, wish to have some spare time in which to tell you better about those things about which I decided to tell you at the very beginning when I noticed your interest in beings of the planet Earth; but I will tell you only when we are nearly home.

“Why! Why do your eyes shine like that? Curiosity has already seized you as it does your favorites. Better be patient and you will know all in its due time. At least your patience will prove the difference between your nature and that of the beings of that remote planet of our Megalocosmos, who have aroused your intense interest.

“I can only say, that what I wish to tell you, will be the most interesting for you of all that you have heard from me of the events occurring on that planet.

“Having said this Beelzebub resumed the thread of his story concerning the holy planet Purgatory.

“In this manner when in the first Tritacosmos-beings, Pure Reason began to be perfected and had reached a certain degree in their third body, then from that time on, such conscious souls were taken to corresponding places of the Universe for corresponding help to Our Endlessness in His Government of the enlarged Universe.

“These reasonable souls happened to be appointed to such duties in the following way: When the reasonableness in their souls had reached the corresponding gradations of the sacred scale, they finished their essential existence on the planets, or as it is still said, died. Their spirit, that is, the body of the soul, and the body of their Kesdjan, separated themselves both together from their planetary body. And having left this latter body on the planet, both of these bodies, together, rose to the sphere of substances, from which in general, the body Kesdjan is formed, and there they continued to exist and to perfect themselves further. Just there this spirit died a second time, that is to say, the body of the soul separated itself from the body Kesdjan. And only then did the soul become independent.

[Purgatory, p.19]

“If this particular soul already had a corresponding reasonableness it was taken to the Sun-Absolute or to other places where there was a need of such souls, and if its reasonableness had not reached the required gradation, it could then continue its existence as a spirit of this sphere. You must know that in this sphere the spirit cannot continue immortal a very long time, since the body of the Kesdjan has only a definite duration. Hence the spirit might die before attaining its perfection. In these cases, the continuation of the existence of the still unperfected soul proceeded in the following way. While it still has its own Kesdjan, every spirit looked about amongst spirits like itself for another suitable Kesdjan which still had a body of the soul. And if this latter spirit died after its perfection, this soul entered into its body Kesdjan and continued its existence and perfection. Such a transmigration or ‘re-incarnation’ of the soul is called ‘Psypohdondr’.

“After the first death of the being, then as well as at the present time, his first planetary body, being formed on planets from microcosmoses and from elements of its planets, gradually decomposes into its original elements, and after the second death of the being, the body Kesdjan also, being formed from the substances of the radiations of planets of the given solar system, gradually decomposes into its original elements, and these substances go to their degree of the octavity of this solar system.

“The body of the soul itself, being formed of substances derived from the emanations of various other suns could not be decomposed in the solar system where it was formed and lived, but continued to exist in the given solar system in definite places, until its final perfection. After this at a certain gradation of reasonableness, this body of the soul became an individual, that is, a force in itself, a unity, no longer subject to decomposition from exterior causes.

“Thereafter this perfected soul was taken, as I have already told you, to that place to which the degree of its reasonableness corresponded. By the way, you should know that during this very period, the Cherubim and Seraphim of Our Endlessness created that sacred scale of Reason which exists even till now. This sacred scale of Reason is nothing but a kind of measure, or line divided into equal parts. On one end of this line is indicated a complete absence of all reason, without even a simple instinct; in short, at this end there is indicated absolute inertia. At the other end, there is indicated absolute reason which is the reasonableness of Our Incomparable Endlessness.

“This measure of reasonableness is used to determine at the present time the reasonableness of all beings of every form originating on every planet of our great Megalocosmos.

“By the way, it will not trouble you if I here also explain to you about Reason. You must try to understand this as well as you can and also assimilate it in your self. In our Megalocosmos in all beings without any difference of origin and nature, two kinds of reason can be formed and exist – the first kind, objective, the formation and manifestations of which are equal everywhere in every being of the Universe; but the second kind of reason not only on the planet but in every being is different, or as it is said, it is subjective.

[Purgatory, p. 20]

“The objective Pure Reason is material, and its source in all beings is formed from one and the same quality and property of matter; and this matter is nothing but substances formed of that prime emanation of the Sun-Absolute.

“You remember that I told you that this emanation had not in the beginning all the three forces of the Law of Triamonia. This is why our Almighty Endlessness was obliged to replace this third force, namely the neutralising force, by His Own Force of Will. And then from this first emanation were formed special substances which later on entered into the composition of the Defterocosmoses, in consequence of which the source of Reason is composed only of particles of emanations of these Defterocosmoses. In this emantion one often happens to meet and it is also possible to absorb these residual substances which originated from the satisfaction of the Force of the Will of Our Prime Source, His Endlessness Himself.

“As regards the second kind of reason, namely, the subjective, it is not material. It is only the result of associations of those subjective ideas which the being has acquired during his existence by means of the mechanical perception of his subjective impressions and information. That is why this reason is called automatic, that is to say, not existing by itself, its existence dependent only on mechanical causes. It is only the totality of all true or false informations coming from without.

“Pure Objective Reason by itself is unchangeable; it can perfect itself only by suffering perceptions of truths; and it has the property of being under the law of attraction, that is, of feeling similar to itself. Automatic reason is, of course, not under the law of attraction. Every one can judge and understand it subjectively, but only according to the similarly mechanically assimilated reasonings in them.

“Pure Reason can become a function in beings only in that third body of theirs, that is, in the body of their soul. In the two other bodies, namely the planetary body, and in the Kesdjan, there can be only that same automatic reason. But in these two bodies the process of that automatic reason is different.

“For example, the perception of information from the outside, in the first planetary or physical body, is produced only by the sound of the names of the object, or as can be otherwise said, the impressions are recorded and associated with words. In the body Kesdjan, on the other hand, that very process is continued by means of so-called molecular forms, that is to say, in the brain of that body there are formed permanent corresponding form-cells for each idea.

“Thus it comes about, my dear Hassein, that at the present time, of those real souls, formed and perfected in those beings themselves, there are very few on the planets.

“They were formed only in the first beings formed directly of the Microcosmoses, and in the bodies of their true heirs.

“Thus all the real souls have long ago nearly perfected themselves: Already they are helping Our Endlessness in His Great Fulfillment.

[Purgatory, p. 21]

“Nevertheless at the present time there are on nearly all the planets of the Universe very many beings with souls.

“But these souls are, let us say, souls of the second order. Although similar to real souls, they were not formed in the manner I have just described and they are formed for quite other reasons.

“These souls of the second order arose in the Universe from the following cause. When on the Sun-Absolute, there were collected the necessary great number of those real souls, the following unexpected phenomenon occurred.

“In view of the fact that the atmosphere of the Sun-Absolute had in itself its Law of Triamonia and that real souls also had such a law of their own, there was soon established between the atmosphere of the Sun-Absolute and those souls, what is called Triamonical contact, and from that contact in the atmosphere of the Sun-Absolute, there gradually began to be formed a certain particular substance. This substance having a much lighter atomic weight than the rest of the substances of the atmosphere of the Sun-Absolute, began to collect above that atmosphere and gradually to form a second atmosphere, as it were, on the Sun-Absolute.

“Since the Sun-Absolute still continued to emanate, thereafter, together with its emanation which spread themselves through the Universe, that same substance also began to be spread through the whole Universe. And since on certain of the planets a variety of forms of the Microcosmos continued to appear, the following unexpected phenomenon began to show itself. In certain of those Microcosmos – forms in which localized functions were derived from three sources, or as may be otherwise said, in those forms in which were formed three brains, these forms on the Messacosmoses began to have the property, after a certain period of development, of receiving this certain substance formed on the Sun-Absolute from Triamonical contact between real souls and the atmosphere of Our Own Protocosmos itself and in those forms this substance began gradually to deposit an exactly similar form.

“And thus, my dear boy, since the real souls on the Sun-Absolute became from the formation of that certain substance, the active Triamonical source, the forms of the Messacosmos arising from that substance acquired the property of ‘Podoboberossa’, that is, from the souls to those formations heredity passed. Hence those formations not only began to clothe themselves in the same substances with which real souls are clothed, but they even began immediately to exhibit very many of the properties which real souls had then acquired.

“From that time onward, in our Universe many such forms were established, which also began to be called souls. They became, indeed, similar to real souls. But their formation as well as their essence, and also their further perfecting were altogether different. Thus from that time, in the World of Our Endlessness, there began to exist two kinds of souls, real and similar to real.

“Real souls are those which are formed and perfected by the beings themselves through intentional suffering labors; and ‘similar’ souls are those which.found themselves ready made, thanks to that cosmic lack of foresight. But in spite of all this, this second kind of souls again owing to heredity also had in themselves all the possibilities of attainment of real souls; but the

[Purgatory, p. 22]

ways to that attainment, as I have already told you, are usually different, and very much more difficult and complicated.

“Thus in the course of time, a few of that second kind of souls acquired on certain planets most of the perfections of Pure Reasonableness, and together with such potentialities as real souls can have; but, of course, all these possibilities depend on many external conditions and events, among which are the circumstances which appear to have been the reason for the origin of that holy planet where we have just been. That reason was as follows. Owing to the fact that the soul-bodies of the second order of souls had been formed in an abnormal manner, their further perfecting also continued abnormally on certain planets; that is to say, the perfecting of the body of the soul does not take place in harmony with the perfecting of the Reason of the soul. The perfecting of the Reason of the soul has its own way of proceeding while the perfecting of the body of the soul proceeds in dependence upon many external conditions of the planet in question.

“And the disharmony consists in this, that into the body of the soul of the being during the period of its existence, there enter chemical elements, whose density is not correspondent with the places in which such souls, perfected according to their Reasonableness, must continue to live.

“These non-corresponding chemical substances which enter into the bodies of the souls of the second order, are sometimes called ‘involuntary sin’; and the formation of that sin almost entirely depends on the established external conditions existing on the planet where the existence and perfecting of the bearer of such a soul was passed. These conditions of these beings help to deposit those substances involuntarily, that is to say, independently of the reason of any one of the bodies of the being; and in the Universe itself, there exists a universal and invariable rule, especially established from ancient times, to punish ruthlessly all those bearers of Divine Reason who, either voluntarily or involuntarily, appear to be the cause of the creation on the planets of unfavorable conditions for the perfecting of the beings.

“And thus when in those inharmoniously formed souls, their Reasonableness is brought up to the required degree, after which there is no necessity for them to live on the usual planets; – and also moreover, owing to a certain chemical law, existence for them on these planets becomes impossible; – and when again at the same time, owing to those non-corresponding chemical elements in their bodies, they cannot correspond, either to the Sun-Absolute, or to any of the places where such reasonable souls may be, then these ‘similar’ souls become as it were, without a refuge and homeless.

“And it was for just these homeless souls that this same holy planet Purgatory was prepared.

“There on that planet Purgatory, all those homeless souls were gathered from all our Universe; and there they exist while purging themselves from just those undesirable chemical elements which they have had the misfortune to absorb during their life on the planets with unfortunate external conditions established for the essential existence of those souls.

[Purgatory, p. 23]

“Solely on account of those chemical substances, such souls have no present access to those places where they belong according to the degree of their attainment in the sense of the Pure Divine Reason.

“That holy planet on which they now live is called Purgatory, just because they there purge themselves from those undesirable chemical elements in their bodies. Their chief misfortune now lies in the fact that having finally reached that holy planet and already knowing and understanding their perfected reason, all the ways in which they might have been useful to our Endlessness, they cannot at once begin to help Him in His great Fulfillment for the good of the Universe. They therefore constantly and intensely work on themselves there, in order that they may more quickly purge their bodies from their undesirable chemical elements, and have access to where, as I have already told you, according to their Reasonableness, they have already merited to attain, and be thought worthy to discharge their necessary duties.

“And thus, my dear Hassein, when the phenomenon of that second sort of souls was first noticed by Our All-Comprehensiveness, He being eternally, justly compassionate, could not help paying attention to that regrettable phenomenon. He immediately chose the best planet of all the planets of the Universe and allotted it to them for their existence, and He ordered that planet to be arranged in such a way, that this kind of souls might have every possibility of purging themselves of the undesirable elements contained in their bodies.

“Then at His own wish, Our All quarters-Maintaining Holy Archangel Algamatios took it upon Himself the organization and chief direction of the planet. He it was who first merited the great Holy Anklad, that is, He was the first who acquired that degree of Reasonableness to which in general, it is possible for beings, whatever their nature, to attain, namely to that Reasonableness, which is the third in degree after the Reason of Our Most Magnificent Endlessness. And He is still the chief administrator of that Incomparable Holy Planet. That Holy Planet Purgatory is not only in itself the best of all the planets in the Universe, but on it are collected, by Our Great-Allquarters-Maintainer, from all the suns and planets, the best they contained. This is why that holy planet Purgatory appears to be at the present time, as much in riches as in beauty, the best point in the Universe, perhaps even better than the Sun-Absolute itself.

“You have probably observed, my boy, that on that holy planet, the skies are always turquoise, the atmosphere there is constantly crystal clear, there are perfumes of the most heart-tranquilising aroma, and of springs alone there are ten-thousand, as authorities on the matter tell us, of mineral as well as fresh water, such as scarcely exist in such limpidity and naturalness on any other planet of our Megalocosmos.

“From all the Universe there are collected on that planet the most beautiful and best songbirds and of these, as the authorities also tell us, there are nearly twelve thousand species; and as for fruits, flowers and berries words cannot describe them.

“On that holy planet it is possible to say with confidence, there are collected every species of flora, fauna, and foscalia from the whole Universe. Be-

[Purgatory, p. 24]

sides all this, on that- planet everywhere, there are in corresponding gorges various caves, partly made by nature and partly artificial, commanding magnificent views; and these caves are so arranged that everything necessary to a peaceful and comfortable existence is there.

“In those caves, by their own choice live those just and already perfected souls. On that planet there is also for convenience as well as for speed, the rest Egolionopty in the Universe, or as they sometimes call it, the omnipresent platform. This omnipresent platform can be moved at discretion in any direction in the atmosphere of the holy planet and at any desired speed, even with the speed with which suns usually fall.

“This Egolionopty was invented especially for that holy planet by the famous Angel now Archangel Arkission, and it moves, it seems, according to the principle of the space ship on which we are now flying.

“In a word, the souls inhabiting that planet Purgatory might have a perfect and quiet existence, with everything uniquely favorable. Nevertheless, for them these external circumstances of quiet and comfort simply do not count at all.

“They are entirely absorbed in the increasing labor of their purgation; and only the hope of one day having the good fortune and the possibility of becoming a part of the Greatness which is fulfilled by our Allpossible Endlessness for the good of All, appears occasionally to give them peace.

“It will also certainly interest you to know that nearly all the beings in the Universe know of that holy planet. Only our contemporary favorites know absolutely nothing about it. In the whole of our Universe, in fact, those three-centred beings, having souls even of the second order, not only know of the existence of this holy planet, but if they have acquired only a little Reasonableness, they already begin to dream of getting there.

“Owing only to that dream, such beings with great readiness and joy always allow in their lower bodies all the kinds of discomfort which it is natural to them to have. These discomforts they permit, because they understand that their lower bodies, for example, their planetary body, appears to be in their own Law of Triamonia, the inevitable source of negative manifestations only and as the negative source, it will always try and must manifest only negatively for its positive source. In other words, the manifestations of the planetary body must necessarily be opposed to those of the body of its soul.

“Every such conscious being well knows that his planetary body inexorably demands what his divine soul-body must not desire; and hence it is that they constantly engage in merciless combat with the desires of their planetary bodies, in order that in the struggle there may be formed in them from the friction substances of the divine Helkdonis, which is necessary and useful to their positive and divine soul-bodies.

And as regards the desires of Kesdjan, that is, of the second body of the all conscious beings having understanding, very well understand that

[Purgatory, p. 25]

this body of theirs, which appears for their own Law of Triamonia to be the neutralising source, must always remain indifferent in its mechanical manifestations; And as regards its active manifestations, this body, on the basis of the cosmic Law of Urdehaphat, always strives to desire only those desires of which there are more in one or the other of these two bodies, both opposite in their nature.

“Beings having understanding have no pity on their planetary bodies in order that their second body may perfect itself more quickly, that is to say, the body Kesdjan, as well as their Pantbril body of the soul, or as your favorites call it ‘Immortal Body’. And they strive to bring the Reasonableness of this latter body to the degree which gives them the possibility of reaching that very holy planet Purgatory, that planet which is considered by all the beings of the Universe to be, and which is indeed, the heart of all our great Megalocosmos.

“Although I have said that your favorites do not know of this holy planet, this is not altogether so. A certain number there, even of contemporary beings, have heard of this holy planet; but this number is very small and their idea of the holy planet recalls how our highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin described a similar idea. He used only three words, namely: ‘Chihertma provokes sneezing’. Other beings, even down to the present, praise as ‘great Initiates’, those beings who have heard of it there, though amongst these contemporary ‘initiates’, the knowledge of that holy planet is no greater than amongst ordinary beings, who sometimes call themselves ‘mortals’. The knowledge of that holy planet, possessed by these unfortunate contemporary ‘great initiates’ reached them in the following manner. You must know that formerly on the planet Earth, the beings of the continent Atlantis were also well informed about the holy planet Purgatory; and about this information there even existed among them a very detailed and complete Legomonism.

“After the destruction of that continent this Legomonism survived, in some manner or other, and began to pass from generation to generation through the real ‘great initiates’ of those times, who indeed did exist in former times on the Earth. But with the final destruction on the Earth of all the results of the Holy Ashiati Shiemash creation, there also vanished from the race of the Earth the possibility for certain beings of becoming real great initiates, although the rank has continued and exists down to our time. There are many beings of such ranks; but what in their being they represent, it seems, I have already told you.

“The final disappearance from that planet of knowledge concerning that holy planet Purgatory occurred the following way. to you remember I told you that once in Babylon, among the learned beings, it appeared to be a painful necessity to discover at all costs whether the soul exists and whether it is immortal. This illness became so intense, that it afflicted the intellects of the ‘Great initiates’ of those times, whose minds had already begun to be transformed into mechanisms; though they were not spoiled to such an extent as to change their ideas, as London Phu-Phu-Phu-Kle now change their gloves. On the contrary if among beings of that time, an ideal was acquired they strove in spite of everything to attain it. But when the general psychosis began, demanding the solution at all costs of the question of the Beyond, their

[Purgatory, p. 26]

minds already growing weak, could make no resistance but fell under its influence; and, in consequence, additions were made to this Legomonism concerning the holy planet, with the result that such a ‘Haboo Chooboor’ was transmitted that the tail of Our Lucifer, from very emotion, permanently took the color of tango.

“In my opinion, the minds of these Babylonian ‘Great Initiates’ became muddled on account of that beautiful theory of the Babylonian dualists, which spread very widely among the beings of the Earth. Strictly speaking this theory itself was not to blame; but those two words which were used both in this theory as well in the Legomonism about the holy planet; namely, the words ‘Paradise’ and ‘Hell’.

“In the Babylonian dualistic theory, it was, by the way, also said, that somewhere up in Heaven, Paradise and Hell existed, and that souls of beings of the Earth, after their death were taken according to their merit, either to this Paradise or to this Hell. And there was much detailed talk about those places, in which Paradise was described as such a wonderful place that only the fantasy of Earth-beings is capable of picturing; and by the word Hell such an abominable place was described as also could only be imagined by this same fantasy.

“These two words were also used in the Legomonism about this holy planet. I do not know if these two words were taken from the Legomonism or if they were obtained by a chance coincidence.

“But in the Legomonism of these very two words, the two following ideas were expressed; that is, the word Paradise determined that splendour and opulence which are on the holy planet, and by the word Hell, that inner state which in reality the souls possess who live on this planet, namely the state of sorrow, affliction and oppression.

“Such an inner state the souls living on that planet Purgatory always have indeed, because after inexpressible, suffering labours, as I have already told you, they, having finally reached this holy planet, and having seen and understood all, and also and so often, are not yet able, owing to the undesirable chemical substances in them, to help Him in the fulfillment of His Holy Problems of the Universe.

“And so, my dear boy, these two words, Paradise and Hell, then become the chief reason of the fact that in the minds of these poor ‘great initiates’ of that time, their conceptions, which even apart from this, was already muddled, became more so. On account of these two words, those unfortunate beings imagined that the fantastic theory of the Babylonian dualists was the same as that mentioned in that Legominism. And they added unconsciously and somewhat consciously certain details of this theory to the Legomonism for further transmission, owing to which fact at the present time, the ‘great initiates’ there on the Earth have such astonishing ideas on the subject of the Beyond, that when the hens of our highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin hear them their cackle produces the very same results as follows from the use of that unique eternally true and beneficent remedy – castor-oil”.