Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




19 Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent onto the Planet Earth


“And in his further detailed explanations, His Conformity then said, among other things, that after the second catastrophe to the Earth, the biped three-brained beings who had accidentally survived had again multiplied; that now, the whole process of their being-existence was concentrated on another, newly formed, also large continent called ‘Ashhark’; that three independent large groups had just been formed on this same large continent ‘Ashhark,’ the first of which existed in a locality then called ‘Tikliamish,’ the second in a place called ‘Maralpleicie,’ and the third in a still existing locality then called ‘Gemchania’ or ‘Pearl-land’; and that in the general psyche of the beings belonging to all those three independent groups, certain peculiar ‘Havatvernoni’ had been formed, that is, certain psychic strivings, the totality of the process of which common-cosmic strivings they themselves had named ‘Religion.’


“‘Although these Havatvernoni or Religions have nothing in common,’ continued His Conformity, ‘yet nevertheless in these peculiar religions of theirs there is very widely spread among the beings of all three groups the same custom called among them “Sacrificial-Offerings.”

“‘And this custom of theirs is based on the notion, which can be cognized only by their strange Reason alone, that if they destroy the existence of beings of other forms in honor of their gods and idols, then these imaginary gods and idols of theirs would find it very, very agreeable, and always and in everything unfailingly help and assist them in the actualization of all their fantastic and wild fancies.


21 The First Visit of Beelzebub to India


“Well, then, my boy, when I first arrived in Pearl-land, I decided to attain my aim there also by means of the ‘Havatvernoni’ which existed there, that is, through their Religion.

“But it turned out that amongst the beings of this third group of the continent Ashhark, there were at that time several peculiar ‘Havatvernonis’ or ‘Religions’ all based on different, quite independent what are called ‘religious-teachings,’ having nothing in common with each other.


“In view of this, I first began seriously studying these religious-teachings there, and having in the course of my studies constated that one of them, founded on the teaching of a genuine Messenger of our COMMON ENDLESS CREATOR, afterwards called Saint Buddha, had the most followers, I, on becoming acquainted with it, devoted most of my attention to its study.


“Before continuing to tell you about the three-brained beings breeding just on that part of the surface of the planet Earth, it is, I think, necessary to remark, even if briefly, that there existed and still exist, ever since the time when the practice of having peculiar being-Havatvernonis or Religions began to arise and exist among your favorites, two basic kinds of religious-teachings.


“When I first visited that Pearl-land, most of the three-brained beings there, as I have already said, were followers of that same religion which was based, as it were, on the exact counsels and indications of Saint Buddha Himself, and the faith of every one of these beings in this religion was unshakably firm.


“At the outset of my investigations into the doctrinal subtleties of that religion there, I had as yet come to no definite decision how exactly to utilize it to attain my aim; but when in the course of my investigations I clarified one very definite comprehension—proper to all the followers of that religion—which arose there again, owing to a misunderstanding, from the words that had indeed been spoken by Saint Buddha Himself, I then at once decided how just to act there through this peculiar Havatvernoni or Religion of theirs.


“It transpired that in His explanations to them about cosmic truths, Saint Buddha had, among other things, told them also that in general the three-centered beings existing on various planets of our Great Universe—and of course the three-centered beings of the Earth also—were nothing else but part of that Most Great Greatness which is the All-embracing of all that exists; and that the foundation of this Most Great Greatness is there Above, for the convenience of the embracing of the essence of everything existing.


“The several beings there with whom I had meanwhile established ‘friendly’ relations, and whom without any discussion I first of all persuaded there of that invention, not only immediately fully believed it, but afterwards also very effectually helped me, of course unconsciously, in spreading this new invention of mine.

“Here also these friends of mine always and everywhere very zealously and passionately proved to other beings like themselves, that this was just so and could not possibly be otherwise.

“In short, there in Pearl-land, owing to this second invention of mine, the desired results were unexpectedly rapidly brought about.


“And there in Pearl-land, owing simply to my invention, your favorites so greatly changed their essence-relations towards the beings of other forms, that they not only ceased to destroy the existence of these beings for their famous Sacrificial-Offerings, but even began very sincerely with the whole of their being to regard these beings of other forms as beings like themselves.


“If only it had all continued like that, it would have been very good; but here as well, just as in the country Maralpleicie, they soon began, as is proper to them, to wiseacre and to manifest all kinds of comical aspects of their Havatvernoni.


22 Beelzebub for the First Time in Tibet


“There is no harm in noticing in this connection that the beings of that planet had still another peculiarity which had long before become proper to them alone, and which consists in this, that no sooner does a new common Havatvernoni, or religion, arise among them than its followers immediately begin to split up into different parties each of which very soon creates its own, as it is called, ‘sect.’

“The particular strangeness of this peculiarity of theirs consists in this, that those who belong to any such sect never call themselves ‘sectarians,’ the name being considered offensive; they are named ‘sectarians’ only by those beings who do not belong to their sect.

“And the adherents of any sect are sectarian for other beings only as long as they have no ‘guns’ and ‘ships,’ but as soon as they get hold of a sufficient number of ‘guns’ and ‘ships,’ then what had been a peculiar sect at once becomes the dominant religion.

“The beings both of this settlement and of many other regions of Pearl-land became sectarians, having separated just from the religion the doctrine of which, as I have already told you, I studied there in detail and which later was called ‘Buddhism.’

“These sectarians who called themselves the Self-tamers arose owing to that distorted understanding of the Buddhist religion which, as I have already told you, they called ‘suffering-in-solitude.’

“And it was in order to produce upon themselves the said famous ‘suffering,’ without hindrance from other beings similar to themselves, that these beings with whom we passed the night had settled so far away from their own people.


38 Religion


“Now I shall explain to you also a little about that ‘obstruction’ which served as one of the chief causes for the gradual dilution of the psyche of these unfortunate favorites of yours, and, namely, concerning their peculiar ‘Havatvernoni’ which they always have, the totality of the functioning and the effect of which, in the common presences of the beings, they themselves call ‘religiousness.’


“And so, when, on the one hand, thanks to these crystallizations, there began to be acquired in the common presences of certain terrestrial three-brained beings, the first germs of what are called Hasnamussian properties, in consequence of which such beings began, as is proper to them for their egoistic aims, to invent for the ‘confusion’ of surrounding beings similar to themselves, various fictions, among which were also every kind of fantastic, what are called ‘religious teachings’; and when, on the other hand, other of your favorites began to have faith in these fantastic religious teachings, and gradually lost their ‘sane mentation’ thanks to these same crystallizations, then from that time on there began to arise in the process of the ordinary existence of these strange three-brained beings a large number of ‘Havatvernoni’ or ‘religions’ having nothing in common with each other.


“Although all these many, varied Havatvernoni or religions of theirs have decidedly nothing in common with each other, yet nevertheless all are built up on the religious teachings, which in their turn, are built up exclusively on that, in the objective sense, ‘maleficent idea,’ which they themselves called ‘Good and Evil,’ and which ‘idea,’ strictly speaking, was the chief factor for the gradual ‘dilution’ of their general psyche and which still quite recently served as the cause of great events among the ‘blissful’ ‘higher-being-bodies’ or, as they are called there, ‘souls’ who dwell on that holy planet in the direction of which we are at the present moment falling.


44 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Understanding of Justice Is for Him in the Objective Sense an Accursed Mirage


“Namely, about that maleficent idea widespread among all of them, which, you remember—when I spoke about the chief ‘kink’ in their psyche, that is about their diverse and peculiar ‘Havatvernonis’ or, as they themselves call them, ‘religions’—I said was made by them the basis of all these religions of theirs, and which maleficent idea was called ‘Good and Evil.’