Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




19 Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent onto the Planet Earth


“Several days after this conversation of ours, there occurred one of the two large religious festivals of the whole of Tikliamish, called ‘Zadik’; and in the temple where my friend Abdil was the chief priest, instead of delivering the usual sermon after the temple ceremony, he suddenly began speaking about Sacrificial-Offerings.


34 Russia


“First of all you must be told that all the three-brained beings, on whatever planet they may arise, and whatever exterior coating they may receive, always await the manifestations of the action of this law with impatience and with joy, somewhat how your favorites await what are called their feasts of ‘Easter,’ ‘Bairam,’ ‘Zadik,’ ‘Ramadan,’ ‘Kailana,’ and so on.


“The only difference is in this, that your favorites await these feasts of theirs with impatience because on these ‘holydays’ it has become customary among them to allow themselves to be more ‘jolly’ and to ‘booze’ freely; while the beings of the other planets await the action of Solioonensius with impatience because, thanks to it, the need for evolving, in the sense of the acquiring of Objective-Reason by them, increases in them by itself.