Chief Feature Eats “Self Remembering”

My Chief Feature’s idea of Self Remembering is likely to be something that I think I already know or am already doing, something that requires very little effort on my part, or something that will supposedly occur automatically by itself.

This sort of ‘self remembering’ will never challenge me or my presuppositions.
It will merely calm me and will never lead me to the discoveries or realizations that result in Self Reproach, Repentance or Remorse of Conscience.

Until I recognize and accept my Chief Feature, with the help of my teacher and my group, and then learn to first disidentify from it, and then to struggle against its mechanical manifestations, my work will stagnate.

If I don’t resolve that impasse my relationship to the work will eventually change.
In some cases I may simply leave the work.
If I stay my ‘self remembering’ will become an exercise in self calming or self aggrandizement.

My conception of the work will also experience a deviation until what I do and encourage others to do in the ‘work’ becomes more or less indistinguishable from any other activity in ordinary life.

Then my Chief Feature will have done what it’s primarily adapted to doing, which is keeping me turning in the same circles until I die.

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