Trogoautoegocrat and the Most Holy Sun Absolute

Student:   There is something fundamental that I don’t understand about why the Absolute, through His Endlessness, would be unable to maintain the Most Holy Sun Absolute without the Trogoautoegocrat, as the Absolute can’t run out of energy.
Teacher:   True. But the Absolute can only transfer energy directly to the next level with which it has immediate contact. So the while the Absolute is (obviously) absolute, HIS ENDLESSNESS (an involute of the Will of the Absolute) is merely ‘endless’, that is the endless product of an infinite source. The 1st evolutionary flow (within the All) is complimentary return motion of the Original Impulse ie The Will of the Absolute. It actually establishes ENDLESSNESS as a distinct entity.

Student:   If the Most Holy Sun Absolute is fed by an infinite source, why couldn’t it lose an infinite amount of energy without diminishing? And even if it did, why couldn’t it simply be refilled or reestablished from above? Why is the evolutionary flow necessary?

Teacher:   His ENDLESSNESS can never perish because of His contact with his source.
However the Most Holy Sun Absolute is his direct creation, not the Absolute’s.
Therefore it can diminish.
       By the way – the Etherokirilno is the byproduct of the reductions necessary to establish the Most Holy Sun. It’s shadow, as it were. Which is why it’s already present before the Megalocosmos is formed/created.

Student:   But couldn’t He just recreate it the same way He did the first time?

Teacher:   Possibly. But the information/experiences would be lost & they were the entire point, not the structure. God would be like the Alzheimer’s patient that gets to meet new people everyday.

Student:   Oh, ok. So the flow from God -> Most Holy Sun Absolute is endless but the rate of flow is not unlimited. The Most Holy Sun Absolute is like a lake fed by a spring that never dries up, but only provides so much water per unit time? So if the outflow from the lake exceeds the inflow from the spring, the lake gets smaller?

Teacher:   Yes. Like that. The law of scarcity kicks in in the transition between the World of 3 Laws & the World of 6. Gurdjieff isn’t a neoplatonist but if I hadn’t studied neoplatonism I don’t think I would get it either.

Teacher:   What would have happened if the Most Holy Sun Absolute had been allowed to continue to diminish?

Student:   Like you said…God loses his mind.Or rather His memories and attributes.You’d end up with an idiot God, boiling off into the void.

Teacher:   Yes. We would be left with HIS ENDLESSNESS eternally contemplating the formlessness of the Absolute & having no means of either divining it or expressing it. Or knowing himself. Plus a bunch of dead angels.

Student:   Plus time would cease to have meaning. No events, no change.

Teacher:   Yes. Exactly. Frozen Eternity. Presumably what the Will of the Absolute sought to escape.

Student:   I can see why that would worry God. It would be like death. If the Trogoautoegocrat collapsed, God would die as a distinct intelligence.

Teacher:   Yes. As would every other distinct intelligence.

Student:   That’s why the Earth is such a concern for His Endlessness. Sets a very bad precedent.

Teacher:   Of course. Ya. Higher Beings, including perfected three-brained beings are ‘God’s nervous system’ his instruments for producing experience. From Richard Hodges, Thus Spake Beelzebub:

“What is the Megalocosmos? It consists of all the galaxies, stars, planets, beings, etc., as well as all the energies and forces that flow among them, the whole of the substance of the universe. The body of the universe. Yet the substance of the universe does not include the very highest level of existence. Beyond, and prior to, substance is the Protocosmos, the prime source.

The chapter goes on to say that in Man, the level of being that is analogous to the Protocosmos is the head brain. Are we venturing too much into the territory of Descartes’ famous (and infamous) mind-body duality to suggest that the function of this ‘head brain’ in respect to the ‘body’ is the capacity to have thought, knowledge, feeling, sensation, wish, intention? I am suggesting that the head-brain is symbolically, in a word, the seat of experience, as differentiated from behavior which is merely mechanical reactions.

What then is the ‘head brain’ of the universe, the Protocosmos? We are told that the purpose for which the world was created was that individual people would develop through certain struggles a ‘second body’ and a ‘third body,’ and that the latter after a period of purification and perfection in ‘purgatory’ would unite with the Protocosmos and become as it were a brain cell of this cosmic head brain.

The cosmos experiences itself in and through the perfected higher bodies of three-brained beings, which include human beings. This role meant for human beings and the reason why we need to struggle for perfection is theological—to become part of the ‘head brain’ of God. If enough people were to fail to perfect these higher bodies, the whole universe would gradually run down, and cease to experience itself.”