Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




38 Religion


“And so, in consequence of the fact that the body Kesdjan of the being is coated with those substances which in their totality make this cosmic formation much lighter than that mass of cosmic substances which surrounds the planets and is called the planetary atmosphere, then as soon as the body Kesdjan of the being is separated from the planetary body of the being, it at once rises according to the cosmic law called ‘Tenikdoa,’ or as it is sometimes called the ‘law of gravity,’ to that sphere in which it finds the weight proper to it equally balanced and which is therefore the corresponding place of such cosmic arisings; then, in consequence of all this, the preliminary preparation consists in this, that beforehand, still during the planetary existence of that being, on the body Kesdjan of whom it is intended after his decease to produce the sacrament of the sacred Almznoshinoo, a particle of his Hanbledzo├»n must be taken and this particle must be either kept in some corresponding surplanetary formation, or be introduced into those beings themselves who produce this ‘ritual,’ and intentionally blend with the Hanbledzo├»n of their own body Kesdjan.


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“According to the fantastic branch of this theory of their ‘science,’ now called spiritualism, they suppose among other things that each of them already has a higher being-part or, as they call it, a soul, and that a transmigration must be occurring the whole time to this soul, i.e., something of the kind of this same ‘Okipkhalevnian exchange’ of which I have just spoken.


“Of course, if these unfortunates would only take into consideration that according to the second-grade cosmic law called ‘Tenikdoa’ or ‘law of gravity,’ this same being-part—if in rare cases it does happen that it arises in them—instantly rises after the first Rascooarno of the being, or, as they express it, after the death of the being, from the surface of their planet; and if they understood that the explanations and proofs, given by this branch of their ‘science,’ of all sorts of phenomena which proceed as it were among them there thanks to those fantastic souls of theirs, were only the fruits of their idle fancy—then they would already realize that everything else proved by this science of theirs is also nothing else but Mullah Nassr Eddin’s ‘twaddle.’


“Now as regards the first two lower being-bodies, namely the planetary-body and the body-Kesdjan, then, after the first sacred Rascooarno of a being, his planetary body, being formed of Microcosmoses or of crystallizations transformed on that planet itself, gradually decomposes and disintegrates there on that same planet, according to a certain second-grade cosmic law called ‘Again-Tarnotoltoor,’ into its own primordial substances from which it obtained its arising.


“As regards the second-being-body, namely, the body-Kesdjan, this body, being formed of radiations of other concentrations of Tritocosmoses and of the Sun itself of the given solar system, and having entered after the second process of the sacred Rascooarno into the sphere just mentioned, also begins gradually to decompose, and the crystallizations of which it is composed go in various ways into the sphere of its own primordial arisings.


42 Beelzebub in America


“Of all the maleficent inventions of the beings of this contemporary grouping which have accidentally acquired authority, the most harmful for their common presences—in respect of the possibility of rectifying in the future the so to say already actualized maleficences—must be considered the practice they have established of passing a great part of the time of their existences in high houses.


“In order that you may clearly picture to yourself the significance of all the harm from just this invention of theirs, I must first of all explain to you the following:


“Do you remember, when I spoke to you about that ‘maleficent means’ existing there at the present time called ‘sport,’ I said that the duration of the existence of these favorites of yours was in the beginning also Fulasnitamnian, that is to say, they had to exist until their body Kesdjan was completely coated in them and perfected up to the required gradation of Reason, and that afterwards, when very abnormal conditions of ordinary being-existence began to be established there, Great Nature was constrained to actualize their presences and also the subsequent process of their existence on the principle of Itoklanoz, that is, according to the results of certain surrounding causes.


“Thereafter, one of these causes has also been the ‘degree of the density of the vibrations’ of their ‘second being-food,’ that is, as they themselves would say, the ‘degree of condensation of the air they breathe.’


“The point is that this cosmic formation which serves as the second food for beings is also composed according to the second fundamental common cosmic law of the Sacred Triamazikamno, and is also actualized by means of its three heterogeneous cosmic substances.


“And, namely, the first is the emanation of the sun of that system in which this same definite cosmic arising serves as the ‘second food’ for beings.


“The second are the substances transformed on that planet itself on which the beings fed by this food exist.


“And the third are those substances which are transformed through the other planets of this system and which come to the given planet through their radiations.


“And so, the process effusion of all those substances required for the normal formation and existence of beings, which are transformed by the planet itself and which actualize the second holy force of the Sacred Triamazikamno, can proceed in the correspondingly required definite proportion only within certain limits of the atmosphere from the surface of planets because, owing to the second grade cosmic law called Tenikdoa, or as your favorites would call it, ‘law of gravity,’ these substances cannot penetrate beyond a definite height of the atmosphere.


“In my opinion you can yourself apprehend all the subsequent ensuing consequences of this question which I have just now brought to light, and compose data in yourself for your own opinion of the significance of this invention of theirs.


“I think, my boy, that I have now already fully satisfied your curiosity concerning these ‘dollar fox-trotting’ followers of what is called ‘Christian Science.’