Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




9 The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon


“So, my boy, owing to all the aforesaid, there first arose on this planet Earth also, as there should, what are called ‘Similitudes-of-the-Whole,’ or as they are also called ‘Microcosmoses,’ and further, there were formed from these ‘Microcosmoses,’ what are called ‘Oduristelnian’ and ‘Polormedekhtic’ vegetations.


“Still further, as also usually occurs, from the same ‘Microcosmoses’ there also began to be grouped various forms of what are called ‘Tetartocosmoses’ of all three brain-systems.

“And among these latter there then first arose just those biped ‘Tetartocosmoses’ whom you a while ago called ‘slugs.’


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“Now, my boy, in my opinion, before going on to a more detailed explanation of how their higher-parts were then coated and perfected in the common presences of the first Tetartocosmoses, as well as in the common presences of those who were afterwards named ‘beings,’ it is necessary to give you more information about the fact that we, beings arisen on the planet Karatas, and also the beings arisen on your planet called Earth, are already no longer such ‘Polormedekhtic’ beings as were the first beings who were transformed directly from the Tetartocosmoses, that is to say, beings called Polormedekhtic or, as it is still now said, ‘Monoenithits’ but are beings called ‘Keschapmartnian,’ i.e., nearly half-beings, owing to which the completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh does not proceed at the present time through us or through your favorites, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, exactly as it proceeded in them. And we are such Keschapmartnian beings because the last fundamental Stopinder of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, which at the present time almost all the beings of the Megalocosmos call the sacred ‘AshagiprotoĆ«hary,’ is not in the centers of those planets upon which we arise—as it occurs in general in the majority of the planets of our great Megalocosmos—but is in the centers of their satellites, which for our planet Karatas is the little planet of our solar system which we call ‘Prnokhpaioch,’ and for the planet Earth, its former fragments now called the Moon and Anulios.


40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“In order that you may better represent to yourself and well understand why just such a small planetary formation as I mentioned, named Papaveroon or poppy, was the cause of the constatation by these great terrestrial learned beings of that most great cosmic law, you must first of all know, that on all planets, for the purposes of the transformation of common-cosmic substances during the process of ‘Iraniranumange,’ there arise, among all kinds of surplanetary and intraplanetary formations in general as well as among formations called ‘flora’ in particular, three classes of formations.


“The formations belonging to the first class are called ‘Oonastralnian-arisings’; those belonging to the second class, ‘Okhtatralnian-arisings’; and those belonging to the third class, ‘Polormedekhtian-arisings.’


“Through the Oonastralnian-arisings there are transformed in their evolutionary or involutionary processes those cosmic crystallizations or ‘active elements’ which obtain their arising only from the substances transformed by that planet itself, on which that kind of surplanetary or intraplanetary formation is formed for the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange.


“Through the Okhtatralnian-arisings there are transformed, besides what I have mentioned, also those active elements which obtain their primary arisings from the substances transformed by the sun itself and the other planets of the given solar system.


“And through the arisings of the third class, namely, the Polormedekhtian, there are transformed besides the first two classes also all those active elements which primarily arise from the transformations of the substances of various cosmic concentrations belonging to other ‘Solar-systems’ of our common Megalocosmos.


“The surplanetary flora-formation mentioned by me, named on your planet the plant Papaveroon, belongs to the class of Polormedekhtian-arisings and through it there evolves or involves what is called the ‘totality-of-the-results-of-the-transformation’ of all other cosmic ‘gravity-center-concentrations,’ which come into the atmosphere of this planet of yours through the common-cosmic process of what is called ‘ubiquitous-diffusion-by-the-radiations-of-all-kinds-of-cosmic-concentrations.’


“Well then, my boy, after these two great terrestrial learned beings Choon-Kil-Tez and Choon-Tro-Pel had more or less arranged the new place of their permanent existence in the then still quite young China, they began to continue the intentional actualization in their common presences of being-Partkdolg-duty, interrupted through no fault of theirs, in the field of the profession chosen by them for their responsible existence, namely, ‘scientific-research’ in the branch called ‘medicine.’


“They then began to investigate that totality of cosmic substances which still before this your favorites had learned to obtain there from the mentioned Polormedekhtian plant, and which they named opium, which then denoted in the speech of the beings of that group ‘dream-maker.’


“These two great brothers then began to investigate this opium in consequence of the fact that they as well as many other three-brained beings of that time noticed that, on the introduction into themselves of a certain species of this mass, every painful sensation temporarily disappeared.


“They first of all set out to elucidate the action of all its properties in order perhaps to find a possibility, by means of one of its properties, to destroy or change for the better that special form of ‘psychic illness’ which had then become very widely spread among the refugees around them, three-brained beings like themselves.


“During these researches of theirs, they first of all noticed that this same opium consists of seven independent crystallizations with definite subjective properties.


“And for the definition of the active elements of the Polormedekhtian product called opium, they added only the number of their, what is called, ‘specific gravity.’


“By means of this apparatus Alla-attapan, they then clearly proved to themselves and to others that in the very essence of all these three ‘transitory results’ of cosmic processes, and, namely, in the Polormedekhtian product called there opium, in the white-ray and in sound there are the same properties, and, namely, there are in all these three outwardly quite different cosmic phenomena precisely the same what are called ‘actualizing constructions,’ that is to say, for their manifestness there are in them precisely the same ‘mutually-acting-law-conformablenesses,’ and in all three of these outwardly different apparently independent manifestations the functioning of these ‘mutually-acting-law-conformablenesses’ have precisely the same action on each other as they have in their own manifestations, that is to say, the Dooczako of any one result acts on the corresponding Dooczako of another, precisely the same as it functions in that Dooczako which is one of the seven aspects of this whole cosmic result.


“On the lower, smaller ball just opposite that part of the Loosochepana through which the positive colored rays had already passed, a cavity of a special form was made, into which either the whole of the said Polormedekhtian product named opium or single active elements required for the experiments were placed during the experiments.


“Or finally, if a definite colored ray and definite sound-vibrations from the strings were simultaneously directed upon any active element of opium from among those composing this Polormedekhtian product and which had a smaller number of vibrations than the totality of vibrations of the colored ray and of the said sound, then this active element was transformed into such another active element of opium the number of whose vibrations exactly corresponded to the totality of the numbers of the said two differently caused vibrations, and so on and so forth.


“Among those unimportant fragments which automatically reached most of the contemporary favorites of yours there are, firstly, several methods of separating from the Polormedekhtian product named opium certain of its independent active elements; secondly, what is called ‘the law of combination of colors’; and thirdly, what is called the ‘seven-toned scale of sound.’


“As regards the first of the enumerated three fragments of the practical results attained by the Reason of three-brained beings of this ancient China and which reached to your contemporary favorites, it is necessary to tell you that in consequence of the fact that certain of the constituent parts of this whole product called there opium came from then on—thanks to the special properties of their agreeable action on the abnormal general-psyche of the beings—to be continuously used by them, therefore the knowledge of many methods of getting certain of its independent active elements began to be transmitted from generation to generation and reached down to your contemporary favorites.


“And at the present time they also obtain many of its definite parts and use them very avidly for the satisfaction of always the same consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer crystallized in them.


“These parts extracted by them from the general composition of this Polormedekhtian product have of course already other names among your contemporary favorites.


“A contemporary ‘comical learned chemist,’ a certain Mendelejeff, even collected the names of all those active elements now obtained and classified them as it were according to their ‘atomic weights.’


“Although his classification does not correspond at all to reality, yet nevertheless according to these atomic weights of his it is possible approximately to establish that classification which was then made by the great terrestrial learned beings of the future China.


“Of the number of nearly four hundred active elements of opium which then became known to the great brothers, knowledge of how to obtain only forty-two active elements has reached the contemporary ‘chemists of the Earth’ and these active elements have now the following names there:

[1] Morphine
[2] Protopine
[3] Lanthopine
[4] Porphiroksine
[5] Opium or narcotine
[6] Paramorphine or thebaine
[7] Phormine or pseudophormine
[8] Metamorphine
[9] Gnoskopine
[10] Oilopine
[11] Atropine
[12] Pirotine
[13] Dephteropine
[14] Tiktoutine
[15] Kolotine
[16] Khaivatine
[17] Zoutine
[18] Trotopine
[19] Laudanine
[20] Laudanosine
[21] Podotorine
[22] Arkhatozine
[23] Tokitozine
[24] Liktonozine
[25] Makanidine
[26] Papaverine
[27] Krintonine
[28] Kodomine
[29] Kolomonine
[30] Koilononine
[31] Katarnine
[32] Hydrokatarnine
[33] Opianine (mekonine)
[34] Mekonoiozine
[35] Pistotorine
[36] Phykhtonozine
[37] Codeine
[38] Nartzeine
[39] Pseudocodeine
[40] Microparaine
[41] Microtebaine
[42] Messaine