Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




9 The Cause of the Genesis of the Moon


“Of these two fragments, the larger was named ‘Loonderperzo’ and the smaller ‘Anulios’; and the ordinary three-brained beings who afterwards arose and were formed on this planet also at first called them by these names; but the beings of later times called them differently at different periods, and in most recent times the larger fragment has come to be called Moon, but the name of the smaller has been gradually forgotten.

“As for the beings there now, not only have they no name at all for this smaller fragment, but they do not even suspect its existence.


“It is interesting to notice here that the beings of a continent on that planet called ‘Atlantis,’ which afterwards perished, still knew of this second fragment of their planet and also called it ‘Anulios,’ but the beings of the last period of the same continent, in whom the results of the consequences of the properties of that organ called ‘Kundabuffer’—about which, it now seems, I shall have to explain to you even in great detail—had begun to be crystallized and to become part of their common presences, called it also ‘Kimespai,’ the meaning of which for them was ‘Never-Allowing-One-to-Sleep-in-Peace.’


19 Beelzebub’s Tales About His Second Descent onto the Planet Earth


“‘Not only has this planet itself now again acquired a normal movement in the general cosmic equilibrium, but its two detached fragments’—which, as I have already told you, are now called Moon and Anulios—‘have also acquired a normal movement and have become, although small, yet independent “Kofensharnian,” that is, additional, planets of that solar system Ors.’


24 Beelzebub’s Flight to the Planet Earth for the Fifth Time


“The cause of these abnormal displacements or great winds at that time was once again those two fragments which had been separated from this planet of yours during the first great calamity, and which afterwards became independent small planets of this solar system, and are now called Moon and Anulios.


“Strictly speaking, the main cause of this terrestrial misfortune was only the larger of these separated parts, namely, the Moon; the smaller fragment, Anulios, played no part in it whatsoever.


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“Now, my boy, in my opinion, before going on to a more detailed explanation of how their higher-parts were then coated and perfected in the common presences of the first Tetartocosmoses, as well as in the common presences of those who were afterwards named ‘beings,’ it is necessary to give you more information about the fact that we, beings arisen on the planet Karatas, and also the beings arisen on your planet called Earth, are already no longer such ‘Polormedekhtic’ beings as were the first beings who were transformed directly from the Tetartocosmoses, that is to say, beings called Polormedekhtic or, as it is still now said, ‘Monoenithits’ but are beings called ‘Keschapmartnian,’ i.e., nearly half-beings, owing to which the completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh does not proceed at the present time through us or through your favorites, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, exactly as it proceeded in them. And we are such Keschapmartnian beings because the last fundamental Stopinder of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, which at the present time almost all the beings of the Megalocosmos call the sacred ‘AshagiprotoĆ«hary,’ is not in the centers of those planets upon which we arise—as it occurs in general in the majority of the planets of our great Megalocosmos—but is in the centers of their satellites, which for our planet Karatas is the little planet of our solar system which we call ‘Prnokhpaioch,’ and for the planet Earth, its former fragments now called the Moon and Anulios.


43 Beelzebub’s Survey of the Process of the Periodic Reciprocal Destruction of Men, or Beelzebub’s Opinion of War


“Their birth rate declined because, when the three-brained beings there were already existing more or less as is becoming to three-centered beings and when the radiations issuing from them were yielding vibrations more akin to the vibrations required from them by Nature both for the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat in general and for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios in particular, then Great Nature did not fail to adapt herself to the diminishing of their birth rate, the more so as in recent times the need for the said vibrations for the maintenance of the existence of the planet Moon had to be diminished.


“The aspect of this fundamental question regarding the significance of the sense and aim of the existence of your favorites is so important for the understanding of a great deal that proceeds there on the Earth, and by the way also of the question touching the causes of war, that I consider it necessary to refer to it once more.


“I first learned that the destiny of beings arising on this planet of yours is chiefly to elaborate—by means of the process of their existence—the vibrations required by Nature for the maintenance of those former parts of the planet now called Moon and Anulios, when, do you remember, I became worthy personally to converse for the second time with His Conformity the then still Angel, but now Archangel, Looisos.


“His Conformity then told me that although the movements of both former parts of the planet Earth were now already finally regulated with the general harmony of movement and that every kind of apprehension of some or other surprise in the near future had absolutely vanished, yet to avoid any possible complications in the distant future it had been explicitly decided by the Most High, Most Sacred Individuals to actualize the ‘corresponding’ on the planet for the formation of what is called the Sacred Askokin so that this sacred cosmic substance, required for the maintenance of that planet’s former parts, might continuously issue from that planet.


“And further, His Highness also explained that this cosmic substance, the Sacred Askokin, exists in general in the Universe chiefly blended with the sacred substances ‘Abrustdonis’ and ‘Helkdonis,’ and hence that this sacred substance Askokin in order to become vivifying for such a maintenance must first be freed from the said sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis.


“To tell the truth, my boy, I did not at once clearly understand all that he then said, and it was only later that I came to understand it all clearly, when, during my studies of the fundamental cosmic laws, I learned that these sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis are just those substances by which the higher being-bodies of three-brained beings, namely, the body Kesdjan and the body of the Soul, are in general formed and perfected; and when I learned that the separation of the sacred Askokin from the said sacred substances proceeds in general when the beings on whatever planet it might be transubstantiate the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis in themselves for the forming and perfecting of their higher bodies, by means of conscious labors and intentional sufferings.


“And so, my dear Hassein, when it appeared that the instinctive need for conscious labor and intentional suffering in order to be able to take in and transmute in themselves the sacred substances Abrustdonis and Helkdonis and thereby to liberate the sacred Askokin for the maintenance of the Moon and Anulios had finally disappeared from the psyche of your favorites, then Great Nature Herself was constrained to adapt Herself to extract this sacred substance by other means, one of which is precisely that periodic terrifying process there of reciprocal destruction.