Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson




2 Introduction: Why Beelzebub Was in Our Solar System


Thanks to the impetuosity and force of Beelzebub’s nature, his intervention together with his comrades then soon captured all minds, and the effect was to bring the central kingdom of the Megalocosmos almost to the edge of revolution.


38 Religion


“One part of this teaching also its followers also soon changed and destroyed, but its other part already more or less entered into the existence of this little group of beings, and began to produce the expected results, thanks to which the hope grew even among the highest Sacred Individuals that this teaching, created by the saintly labors of Saint Lama, might sometime actualize what had already become a necessity in the Megalocosmos for everything that exists.


39 The Holy Planet “Purgatory”


“In the beginning all these ‘higher-being-bodies’ who at the present time have the place of their existence on this holy planet went directly on to our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, but later when that all-universal calamity, which we call the ‘Choot-God-litanical period’ occurred in our Great Universe, then after this terrifying common-cosmic calamity, similar ‘higher-being-bodies’ who now dwell on this holy planet ceased to have the possibility of blending directly with our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute.


“In the beginning, when nothing yet existed and when the whole of our Universe was empty endless space with the presence of only the prime-source cosmic substance ‘Etherokrilno,’ our present Most Great and Most Most Holy Sun Absolute existed alone in all this empty space, and it was on this then sole cosmic concentration that our UNI-BEING CREATOR with HIS cherubim and seraphim had the place of HIS most glorious Being.


“It was just during this same period of the flow of time that there came to our CREATOR ALL-MAINTAINER the forced need to create our present existing ‘Megalocosmos,’ i.e., our World.


“From the third most sacred canticle of our cherubim and seraphim, we were worthy of learning that our CREATOR OMNIPOTENT once ascertained that this same Sun Absolute, on which HE dwelt with HIS cherubim and seraphim was, although almost imperceptibly yet nevertheless gradually, diminishing in volume.


“As the fact ascertained by HIM appeared to HIM very serious, HE then decided immediately to review all the laws which maintained the existence of that, then still sole, cosmic concentration.

“During this review our OMNIPOTENT CREATOR for the first time made it clear that the cause of this gradual diminishing of the volume of the Sun Absolute was merely the Heropass, that is, the flow of Time itself.


“Thereupon our ENDLESSNESS became thoughtful, for in HIS Divine deliberations HE became clearly aware that if this Heropass should so continue to diminish the volume of the Sun Absolute, then sooner or later, it would ultimately bring about the complete destruction of this sole place of HIS Being.


“And so, my boy, in view of this, our ENDLESSNESS was then just compelled to take certain corresponding measures, so that from this Heropass the destruction of our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute could not eventually occur.


“Further, again from the sacred canticle of our cherubim and seraphim, but this time the fifth sacred canticle, we were worthy of learning that after this Divine ascertainment of HIS, our ENDLESSNESS devoted HIMSELF entirely to finding a possibility of averting such an inevitable end, which had to occur according to the lawful commands of the merciless Heropass, and that after HIS long Divine deliberations, HE decided to create our present existing ‘Megalocosmos.’


“In order that you may more clearly understand how our ENDLESSNESS decided to attain immunity from the maleficent action of the merciless Heropass and of course how HE ultimately actualized it all, you must first of all know that before this, the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute was maintained and existed on the basis of the system called ‘Autoegocrat,’ i.e., on that principle according to which the inner forces which maintained the existence of this cosmic concentration had an independent functioning, not depending on any forces proceeding from outside, and which were based also on those two fundamental cosmic sacred laws by which at the present time also, the whole of our present Megalocosmos is maintained and on the basis of which it exists, and, namely, on the basis of those two fundamental primordial sacred cosmic laws, called the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh and the sacred Triamazikamno.


“And so, our ALL-MAINTAINING ENDLESSNESS decided to change the principle of the system of the functionings of both of these fundamental sacred laws, and, namely, HE decided to make their independent functioning dependent on forces coming from outside.


“And so, in consequence of the fact that for this new system of functioning of the forces which until then maintained the existence of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, there were required outside of the Sun Absolute corresponding sources in which such forces could arise and from which they could flow into the presence of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, our ALMIGHTY ENDLESSNESS was just then compelled to create our now existing Megalocosmos with all the cosmoses of different scales and relatively independent cosmic formations present in it, and from then on the system which maintained the existence of the Sun Absolute began to be called Trogoautoegocrat.


“And all those cosmoses, which together compose our present World, began to be called the ‘Megalocosmos.’


“Before continuing to relate further how this was actualized, it is necessary to tell you that the functioning of the mentioned common-cosmic Iraniranumange is harmonized in such a way that all the results obtained from transformations in different cosmoses localize themselves together according to what is called ‘qualitativeness of vibrations,’ and these localizations penetrate everywhere throughout the Universe and take a corresponding part in planetary as well as in surplanetary formations, and generally have as the temporary place of their free concentration the what are called atmospheres, with which all the planets of our Megalocosmos are surrounded and through which connection is established for the common-cosmic Iraniranumange.


“It is necessary to tell you that concerning the determination of the degrees of individuality, our cherubim and seraphim also then at the very beginning established that still now existing sacred ‘Determinator-of-Reason’ which is applied for the determination of the gradations of Reason or, more exactly, the ‘totality-of-self-awareness’ of all separate large and small cosmic concentrations, and by which not only are the gradations of their Reason measured, but there is also determined their, as it is called, ‘degree-of-justification-of-the-sense-and-aim-of-their-existence,’ and also the further role of each separate Individual in relation to everything existing in our great Megalocosmos.


“Now, my boy, in my opinion, before going on to a more detailed explanation of how their higher-parts were then coated and perfected in the common presences of the first Tetartocosmoses, as well as in the common presences of those who were afterwards named ‘beings,’ it is necessary to give you more information about the fact that we, beings arisen on the planet Karatas, and also the beings arisen on your planet called Earth, are already no longer such ‘Polormedekhtic’ beings as were the first beings who were transformed directly from the Tetartocosmoses, that is to say, beings called Polormedekhtic or, as it is still now said, ‘Monoenithits’ but are beings called ‘Keschapmartnian,’ i.e., nearly half-beings, owing to which the completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh does not proceed at the present time through us or through your favorites, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth, exactly as it proceeded in them. And we are such Keschapmartnian beings because the last fundamental Stopinder of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, which at the present time almost all the beings of the Megalocosmos call the sacred ‘AshagiprotoĆ«hary,’ is not in the centers of those planets upon which we arise—as it occurs in general in the majority of the planets of our great Megalocosmos—but is in the centers of their satellites, which for our planet Karatas is the little planet of our solar system which we call ‘Prnokhpaioch,’ and for the planet Earth, its former fragments now called the Moon and Anulios.


“Thanks to this, the completing process of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh for the continuation of the species, for instance, proceeds not through one being, as it proceeded with the Tetartocosmoses, but through two beings of different sexes, called by us ‘Actavus’ and ‘Passavus,’ and on the planet Earth, ‘man’ and ‘woman.’


“I might say here, that there even exists in our Great Megalocosmos a planet on which this sacred law Heptaparaparshinokh carries out its completing process for the continuation of the species of the three-brained beings, through three independent individuals. You might as well be acquainted somewhat in detail with this uncommon planet.

“This planet is called Modiktheo and belongs to the system of the ‘Protocosmos.’

“Beings arising on this planet are three-brained, like all other three-brained beings arising on all the planets of our Great Megalocosmos, and in their exterior appearance are almost similar to us, and at the same time are—and are also so considered by all others—the most ideal and perfect of all the innumerable various-formed exterior coatings of three-brained beings in all our Great Universe; and all our now existing angels, archangels, and most of the Sacred Individuals nearest to our COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS arise just upon this marvelous planet.

“The transformation through them of the cosmic substances required for the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, according to the sacred law of Heptaparaparshinokh, proceeds on these same principles on which it proceeds through our common presences and also through the presences of your favorites, the three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth. For the continuation of their species alone does this sacred law effect its completing process through three kinds of beings, wherefore such three-brained beings are called ‘Triakrkomnian’; separately, however, just as among us beings of different sexes are called Actavus and Passavus or are called on your planet man and woman, so there on the planet Modiktheo they call the beings of the different sexes ‘Martna,’ ‘Spirna,’ and ‘Okina,’ and although externally they are all alike, yet in their inner construction they are very different from each other.


“And so, during their actualization of their conceptions, all these three conceptions merge one with another, and in this way there appears in our Megalocosmos a new three-brained being of such an uncommon construction.


“And three-centered beings of this kind are ideal in our Megalocosmos, because at their very arising they already have all the being-bodies.


“And they have all three being-bodies because the producers of such a being, namely, Martna, Spirna, and Okina, each separately conceives the arising of one of the three being-bodies, and owing to their special corresponding being-existences they aid the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh to form the given being-body in themselves to perfection and afterwards, at the moment of appearance, merge it with the other bodies into one.


“Note, by the way, my boy, that the beings arising on that incomparable and marvelous planet have no need, like the three-brained beings arising on other ordinary planets of our Megalocosmos, to coat their higher-being-bodies with the help of those factors which our CREATOR designed as means of perfecting—namely, those factors which we now call ‘conscious labors’ and ‘intentional suffering.’


“Although the process of the transformation of substances for the continuation of the species by means of us or by means of the common presences of your favorites does not proceed exactly as it proceeded in the first Tetartocosmoses who were transformed into beings, nevertheless we shall take them as an example, since the process itself of the transformation of cosmic substances for the needs of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat proceeds through their common presences exactly as it proceeded through the first Tetartocosmoses; at the same time you will acquire information concerning several other small details of the strange particularities of their psyche, and also gain information relating to how they in general understand, and how they regard, their being-duty in the sense of serving the common-cosmic process of Iraniranumange, destroying for the beatification of their own belly every kind of law-conformable foreseeing actualization for the welfare of the whole Megalocosmos.


“Now, my boy, I shall begin by repeating: all your favorites, even the contemporary, are—like us and like all the other three-centered beings of our Megalocosmos—such apparatuses for the Great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat just as the Tetartocosmoses were, from whom arose the first ancestors of the now existing beings as well as the beings now existing everywhere. And through each of them the cosmic substances arising in all seven Stopinders of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh could be transformed, and all of them, again even the contemporary, besides serving as apparatuses for the Most Great cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, could have all possibilities for absorbing from those cosmic substances which are transformed through them what is corresponding for the coating and for the perfecting in them of both higher-being-bodies; because each three-brained being arisen on this planet of yours represents in himself also, in all respects, just like every three-brained being in all our Universe, an exact similarity of the whole Megalocosmos.


“The difference between each of them and our common great Megalocosmos is only in scale.


“Here you should know that your contemporary favorites very often use a notion taken by them from somewhere, I do not know whether instinctively, emotionally, or automatically, and expressed by them in the following words: ‘We are the images of God.’


“These unfortunates do not even suspect that, of everything known to most of them concerning cosmic truths, this expression of theirs is the only true one of them all.


“And indeed, each of them is the image of God, not of that ‘God’ which they have in their bobtailed picturings, but of the real God, by which word we sometimes still call our common Megalocosmos.


“Each of them to the smallest detail is exactly similar, but of course in miniature, to the whole of our Megalocosmos, and in each of them there are all of those separate functionings, which in our common Megalocosmos actualize the cosmic harmonious Iraniranumange or ‘exchange of substances,’ maintaining the existence of everything existing in the Megalocosmos as one whole.


“At any rate, my little Hassein, each of your favorites, separately, is, in his whole presence, exactly similar in every respect to our Megalocosmos.


“I once told you that there is localized in the head of each one of them as well as in us a concentration of corresponding cosmic substances, all the functioning of which exactly corresponds to all those functions and purposes which our Most Most Holy Protocosmos has, and fulfills, for the whole of the Megalocosmos.


“Further, in each of them, in their what is called ‘vertebral column,’ another concentration was localized, called there the ‘spinal marrow,’ in which there are precisely those what are called denying sources, which actualize in their functionings in relation to the parts of the head-brain just such fulfillments as the ‘second-order newly arisen Suns’ of the Megalocosmos actualize in relation to the Most Most Holy Protocosmos.


“Well, then, just these separate brain nodes of their spinal marrow are the sources of denial in relation to the separate shades of affirmation in their head-brain, precisely as the separate ‘second-order-Suns’ are the sources of the various shades of denial in relation to the various shades of affirmation of the Most Most Holy Protocosmos.


“And, finally, just as in the Megalocosmos, all the results obtained by the flow of the fundamental process of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh from the ‘affirmation’ of the Most Most Holy Protocosmos and from the various shades of ‘denial’ of the newly created ‘Suns’ began to serve thereafter as a ‘reconciling principle’ for everything newly arising and already existing, so in them also, there is a corresponding localization for the concentration of all results obtained from the affirmation of the head-brain and from all the shades of denial of the spinal marrow, which results afterwards serve as a regularizing or reconciling principle for the functionings of the whole common presence of each of them.


“Concerning the place of concentration of this localization which serves the common presences of terrestrial three-brained beings as a regularizing or reconciling principle, it must be noticed that in the beginning these three-brained beings of the planet Earth who have taken your fancy, also had this third concentration, similarly to us, in the form of an independent brain localized in the region of their what is called ‘breast.’


“But from the time when the process of their ordinary being-existence began particularly sharply to change for the worse, then Nature there, by certain causes flowing from the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, was compelled, without destroying the functioning itself of this brain of theirs, to change the system of its localization.


“That is to say, she gradually dispersed the localization of this organ, which had had its concentration in one place in them, into small localizations over the whole of their common presence, but chiefly in the region of what is called the ‘pit of the stomach.’ The totality of these small localizations in this region they themselves at the present time call the solar plexus or the ‘complex of the nodes of the sympathetic nervous system.’


“And in those nervous nodes scattered over the whole of the planetary body, there are accumulated at the present time all the results obtained from the affirming and denying manifestations of their head-brain and spinal marrow, and these results, having become fixed in these ‘nervous nodes’ scattered over the whole of their common presence, are later also such a neutralizing principle, in the further process of ‘affirmation and denial’ between the head-brain and spinal marrow, just as the totality of everything arising in the Megalocosmos is the neutralizing force in the process of the affirmation of the Protocosmos and the various shades of denials of all the newly arisen Suns.


“And, namely, in view of the fact that in them, together with the cessation of the intentional absorption of these definite cosmic substances necessary for the arising and existence of higher being-parts, there disappeared from their common presences not only the striving itself for perfection but also the possibility of what is called ‘intentional contemplativeness,’ which is just the principal factor for the assimilation of those sacred cosmic substances, then from that time on, in order to guarantee that the required quantity of those substances might enter into them and be assimilated, Nature gradually had to adapt herself to arrange that for each of them, in the course of their whole process of existence, such ‘unexpectednesses’ should occur already by themselves as are not at all proper to occur to any three-brained being of our Great Megalocosmos.


“Unfortunately Nature there was compelled to adapt herself to this abnormality, so that, owing to these unexpectednesses, certain intense being-experiencings and active deliberations might proceed in them automatically, independently of them themselves and so that, owing to these ‘active deliberations,’ the required transformation and assimilation of these necessary sacred particles of the higher being-foods might automatically proceed in them.


“Now, my boy, as for the processes themselves of the transformation in the evolutionary and involutionary movements of all these cosmic substances by means of just such apparatuses of the Most Great common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat—as all your favorites also are—then those transformations proceed in them as well as in us and in general in all large and small cosmoses of our common Megalocosmos, strictly according to those two same chief fundamental cosmic laws, namely, according to the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh and the Sacred Triamazikamno.


“Before talking to you about the manner in which the cosmic substances entering into beings as their first being-food are transformed in them for the purposes of the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, and which enter into three-brained beings—if they have a certain kind of attitude towards this process—also for the coating and the perfecting of their own higher parts, it is necessary for you to bear in mind, for a clear representation of these processes, that in our Megalocosmos—from results which have already flowed from every kind of Trogoautoegocratic process—there are many hundreds of independent ‘active elements’ with various specific subjective properties which take part in new formations.


“These many hundreds of ‘active elements’ with various properties wherever they might be, proceeding from the seven Stopinders of the fundamental common-cosmic Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, are—depending upon the Stopinder from which they received their primordial arising—divided and localized, according to what is called the ‘affinity of vibrations,’ into seven what are called ‘Okhtapanatsakhnian classes.’ And all without exception of both the large and small already definite concentrations in all our Megalocosmos are formed from these active elements belonging to seven independent classes, and, as I have already told you, they have their own subjective properties.


“It is necessary to tell you also that the first appearance of every kind of concentration from the Etherokrilno which is found everywhere in the Universe owing to the second-grade cosmic law, the Attraction-and-Fusion-of-Similarities, proceeds in the following manner:


“If particles of Etherokrilno which are already found in the different spheres of all seven Stopinders of the fundamental ‘common-cosmic Ansanbaluiazar’ collide for some reason or another, they begin the arising of all kinds of ‘crystallizations’ which do not yet have any subjective properties, and furthermore if these particles of Etherokrilno fall for some reason or other into conditions where a process of ‘Harnel-miatznel’ proceeds, they fuse into one, and owing to the what are called ‘complex-vibrations’ acquired in them, are transformed into active elements already with definite specific properties.


“And if thereafter these already definite active elements with their own specific-subjective properties enter into other processes of ‘Harnel-miatznel’ which have other conditions, they again fuse with each other according to the same law of ‘affinity of vibrations,’ and thus acquiring other properties, are transformed into active elements of another ‘Okhtapanatsakhnian class,’ and so on and so forth.


“And that is why there are in our Megalocosmos so many independent active elements with their different specific subjective properties.


“At this point in my explanations, you can have one more clarifying example for a full understanding of the difference between Autoegocrat and Trogoautoegocrat, that is, of the difference between the former maintaining system of the existence of the Sun Absolute when that system was Autoegocratic, and the other system now called Trogoautoegocratic which it became after the creation of the Megalocosmos.


“If the transformation of substances through ‘beings-apparatuses’ proceeded according to the law of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh when certain of its Stopinders were not yet changed, that is, as it still functioned before the creation of our now existing Megalocosmos, then the cosmic substances composing the first being-food, entering into such ‘apparatuses-cosmoses’ for the local process of evolution, would accomplish their ascent up to their completing transmutation into other higher definite active elements without any obstacle and without any help coming from outside—merely by the process of Harnel-miatznel alone, but now since the independent functioning of this primordial sacred law has been changed into a dependent functioning, the evolution or involution in its changed Stopinders must always be dependent upon external ‘extraneously caused’ manifestations.


“This Geneotriamazikamnian contact occurred because, in the atmosphere itself of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, various-sourced unusual vibrations began, as I have already said, to issue from these higher being-bodies and to unite with the emanations of the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute, and together with them also to penetrate everywhere in the Megalocosmos and to reach even to those planets on which higher being-bodies were continuing to arise in beings; and these unusual vibrations began to be transformed and crystallized together with the sacred Theomertmalogos and to take part in the coating of the ‘higher-parts’ in the beings.


“Then among the various Divine measures undertaken, there followed HIS Decree, to choose the very best planet in the whole of our Great Megalocosmos, specially to arrange its surface, and to leave it for the free further existence of these higher being-bodies who were perfected in Reason, so that in this way they might receive all the possibilities for self-purification from the undesirable elements which were in their presences.


“In the common presences of these unfortunate higher being-bodies now existing on this holy planet, perfected in Reason to the highest limit attainable by ordinary higher cosmic Individuals, there is only this single datum, which sometimes engenders in them the impulse of hope, and that is that they may at some time purify themselves and obtain the happiness of uniting with and becoming a part of that ‘Greatness’ which our OMNIPOTENT ALL-JUST COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS actualizes for the welfare and happiness of everything existing in our Great Megalocosmos.


“Here it is interesting to notice, that almost all three-brained beings arising on all the various planets of our Great Megalocosmos either know of or instinctively sense the holy planet Purgatory; it is only the three-brained beings arising on your planet who do not know of it, however only most of those who arose towards the end of the existence of the continent Atlantis and after its loss did not and do not know of it.


“As soon as all three-brained beings of our Megalocosmos without distinction of exterior coating acquire any degree of self-awareness, they already begin consciously or instinctively to dream of going on to that holy planet, in order later to have the happiness to become a particle of that Greatness, the blending with which must sooner or later be the lot of every already arisen essence; and three-brained beings who have attained to an already greater self-awareness always eagerly and even joyfully permit during their ordinary-being-existence, for the realization of these dreams of theirs, those unpleasantnesses to their presences which proceed from the accepted privations to their planetary body, because such beings already well understand and instinctively feel that this lower being-body of theirs is, in their own sacred cosmic law of Triamazikamno, the indispensable source for a certain kind of denying manifestation, and as such, of course, always must and will manifest only as denying for their affirming part, that is, that the manifestation of this lower part of theirs must obligatorily be always opposite to what is required for them by their higher being-part.


“In other words, every wish of the planetary body is taken as undesirable for the higher divine part which has to be coated and perfected, and therefore all three-centered beings of our Great Megalocosmos constantly carry on a relentless struggle against the wishes of their planetary bodies so that there should be formed in them in this struggle, from the what is called ‘Disputekrialnian-friction,’ those sacred crystallizations from which their higher Divine being-part arises and is perfected in them.


“And in one of the Legominisms the causes for this state of theirs were even explained in detail, that is, that these higher being-parts or souls, having ultimately fallen after inexpressible, consciously suffering labors onto this holy planet, and having seen and understood the reality and significance of everything existing, and chiefly seeing our COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS HIMSELF SO near and so often, have become aware that on account of the undesirable elements present in them, they are still unable to help HIM in the fulfillment of HIS most sacred tasks for the good of our whole Megalocosmos.


“So that you may understand why these mentioned two independent kinds of results are obtained among the contemporary abstaining monks, I must repeat to you once again that, according to the fundamental cosmic sacred law of Heptaparaparshinokh, if everything in general existing in our Megalocosmos, the great as well as the small, does not receive in the process of evolution at the time of its passing through both ‘Mdnel-Ins’ of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh corresponding foreign help coming from outside, then it begins to involve back to those definite states from which it began its evolution.


40 Beelzebub Tells How People Learned and Again Forgot About the Fundamental Cosmic Law of Heptaparaparshinokh


“All right, my dear boy, I shall try to elucidate to you also about this natural perplexity which justly arises within you.

“It seems to me I already once told you that although from the period you mentioned on that planet almost all the three-brained beings there became, thanks to the abnormally established conditions of ordinary being-existence, possessors of only an automatic-Reason, nevertheless it does sometimes happen there that certain of them by chance escape this common fate and that instead of that automatic-Reason which has become usual there, a genuine objective ‘being-Reason’ is formed in certain of them as it is in all three-centered beings of our great Megalocosmos.


“Here it is very opportune to repeat once again that on most planets of our Megalocosmos, on which three brained beings arise and exist, there is an oft-repeated sentence, formulated in the following words:


“‘Our COMMON-FATHER-ENDLESSNESS is only the Maker of a three-centered being.’ The genuine creator, however, of his essence during the period of his preparatory existence is his ‘Oskianotsner,’ namely, he whom your favorites call tutor or teacher.


“I wish to explain to you about this in even as great detail as possible, with all the sequence of the historical course of development both as regards the constatation of the cognizance concerning this sacred law, as well as the gradual forgetting about it, because such information relating to all this will greatly help you, first of all, to elucidate those, as you expressed it, ‘unimportant details’ of this sacred law, which you have not yet completely transubstantiated in your Reason; and secondly, thanks to these elucidations of mine, you will likewise learn that among the number of your favorites, even the contemporary ones, such responsible beings do occasionally appear in the sphere of genuine learned beings; and assuming that the other three-brained beings there existed more or less normally, then thanks to the impartial and modest conscious efforts of these beings, genuine objective learning might arise and gradually develop also on this ill-fated planet, as a result of which that welfare might be obtained also for them, which the three-brained beings of all the other planets of our great Megalocosmos have long ago deservedly enjoyed.


“Owing on the one hand to the fact that the environment of these two brothers, direct descendants of one of the chief members of the great learned society, happened to be arranged correspondingly for their ‘preparatory age,’ and on the other hand that they themselves tried not to allow the atrophy of the hereditary inherency—which they as in general all newly arising three-brained beings of this planet have—to crystallize the data for engendering in themselves the power to actualize ‘being-Partkdolg-duty,’ and also in consequence of the fact that the ‘affirming-source’ of the causes of their arising, that is, their, as is called, father, decided to destine their responsible existence for the field of learning and took all corresponding measures for their preparation for this, then already from the very beginning of their responsible age they almost became such as three-brained beings everywhere on the planets of our great Megalocosmos become who choose the same Aim, that is to say, those who carry out all their studied researches not for the satisfaction of their, what are called ‘vainglorious,’ ‘proud,’ and ‘self-loving’ weaknesses—as is done by the beings there, particularly the contemporary ones who choose the same field for themselves—but for the attainment of a higher gradation of Being.


“And through the arisings of the third class, namely, the Polormedekhtian, there are transformed besides the first two classes also all those active elements which primarily arise from the transformations of the substances of various cosmic concentrations belonging to other ‘Solar-systems’ of our common Megalocosmos.


“My personal and exhaustive study of this astonishing apparatus Alla-attapan—which became, thanks to Gornahoor Harharkh, famous among the genuine scientists of almost the whole of our Megalocosmos—proceeded according to the following chance circumstances.


“To the regret of all more or less conscious ‘relatively independent’ separate Individuals of our Great Megalocosmos and to the misfortune of all subsequent three-brained beings who arose on this ill-fated planet of yours during the mentioned period, namely, during two to three of their centuries, the gradual distortion and ultimate almost total destruction began of just that blessing which had been created for them by their great ancestors thanks to their conscious labors and intentional sufferings.


“And as regards the ‘seven-toned scale of sound’ which had reached them from the ancient Chinese beings, then you must be informed about this as detailedly as possible, because first of all, thanks to this information, you will better understand about the laws of vibrations in which all the peculiarities of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh can be constated and cognized; and secondly, because, among those things intentionally reproduced by those same three-brained beings of yours who have taken your fancy, for daily use in their general existence, I brought home from there also one ‘sound-producing instrument’ named there ‘piano’ on which the vibration-engendering ‘strings’ were placed which could be arranged just as on the Dzendvokh, that is, the second special part of the famous experimental apparatus Alla-attapan, which was created by the great twin brothers and on which, when we return on to our dear Karatas, I shall be able to explain to you by demonstration, what is called, the ‘successiveness-of-the-processes-of-the-mutual-blending-of-vibrations.’ Thanks to these practical explanations of mine you will more easily be able to represent to yourself and approximately to cognize just how and in which successiveness in our great Megalocosmos the process of the Most Great Trogoautoegocrat proceeds and in what way the large and small cosmic concentrations arise.


“Among these followers a century and a half after the sacred Rascooarno of the saints-brothers, there was a certain genuine learned being, King-Too-Toz by name, who, on the basis of the principles of the construction of the middle part of the apparatus Alla-attapan named Dzendvokh, propounded a very detailed theory under the name ‘evolution and involution of vibrations,’ and for the confirmation of this theory of his he made a special elucidatory apparatus which he called ‘Lav-Merz-Nokh’ and which, by the way, later became also widely known among almost all the learned beings of our Great Megalocosmos.


“And so, my boy, thanks on the one hand to the infallibly continuing deterioration in the common presences of these three-brained beings who have taken your fancy, of the quality of the functioning of the data crystallized in them for healthy being-mentation, and on the other hand to the always increasing number among them being formed into responsible beings of the mentioned new ‘types,’ namely, of learned beings of new formation, there ultimately reached the contemporary three-brained beings of this ill-fated planet from this detailed ‘totality of information’ already thoroughly cognized by the Reason of former beings similar to them, and almost unprecedented everywhere in the Universe among ordinary three-brained beings and which had gradually begun to change—namely, the totality of that true information which today is already used for the welfare of ordinary three-brained beings everywhere on the planets of our Great Megalocosmos with the exception of the beings of only that planet on which this totality of information arose—only that which our always esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin defines by the following words:


“And with particular regard to the ‘Chinese seven-toned subdivision of the octave’ which has reached down to your contemporary favorites, then although as I have already said, they use it widely in the process of their ordinary existence, yet at the same time they do not even suspect that such a subdivision was specially created and constructed on those sound principles on which everything existing in the whole of our Great Megalocosmos is maintained.


“However, my boy, although the sound-producing instrument piano which I brought from the surface of your planet is a very typical invention of your contemporary favorites, yet owing to the fact, as I have already told you, that the fundamental tuning of the strings of its whole notes and half notes has not yet been changed, therefore according to the consecutive blending vibrations evoked in a corresponding manner by the strings on it, it might still be possible experimentally to demonstrate at least the laws of vibrations issuing from any one fundamental common-cosmic octave of substances, that is to say, issuing from one of the seven fundamental totalities of sources; and thanks to this, it might be possible to represent to oneself and to cognize all the reciprocally acting vibrations issuing from all other sources, because as I have already told you, all the variously scaled cosmoses as well as the independent seventh parts of these cosmoses are almost exactly similar to the Megalocosmos, and in each of them the sevenfold sources of vibrations have the same reciprocal actions as proceed in the Megalocosmos, and therefore having understood the laws of vibrations for any one center-of-gravity, it is possible to understand approximately also the laws of vibrations for all centers-of-gravity, if, of course, their difference of scale is taken into account.


“Here, by the way, it will be very interesting to notice that if the calculations and enumerations obtained by these great terrestrial learned beings were almost exact, then they owed it to the fact that the standard unit which they took for their calculations chanced to be that unit which is taken everywhere in the Megalocosmos, that is, that same small particle of the most sacred substance Theomertmalogos in which there might still be all the fullness of the power of vivifyingness proper to it.


41 The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov


“Information about certain data elucidated by this account of his can serve for your further existence as good material for corresponding confrontations and for the elucidation of all the results of what are called ‘subjective destiny,’ that is to say, of those results which in general occur in our Great Megalocosmos where a multitude of relatively independent separate individuals arise and exist together.


42 Beelzebub in America


“And so, if while still so young its beings have in respect of the two chief motors of their existence thus deviated retrogressively, then, in my opinion, in this case also—as it in general occurs to everything in the Megalocosmos—the degree of the further movement for the purpose of blending again with the Infinite will depend on the direction and degree of the forces obtained from the initial impetus.


“In our Great Megalocosmos, there is even established for all beings with Reason a law, as it were, according to which one must always and in everything guard just against the initial impetus, because on acquiring momentum, it becomes a force which is the fundamental mover of everything existing in the Universe, and which leads everything back to Prime Being.”


“I again advise you to become thoroughly and particularly well acquainted with all the kinds of fusion proceeding in the Megalocosmos, with the chemical as well as with the mechanical.


43 Beelzebub’s Survey of the Process of the Periodic Reciprocal Destruction of Men, or Beelzebub’s Opinion of War


“If they would attain the abolition of these two practices which have already become firmly fixed in the process of their abnormal ordinary being-existence, then, thanks to the abolition of the first, they would eradicate forever the greater part of those ‘automatic factors’ which make the psyche of the growing generation also predisposed to be subject to that special property on account of which they always fall into that state into which it has already become without fail habitual for them to fall during these processes; and thanks to the second they would help towards this, that there might not reach to the beings of future times at least one of those idiotic ideas from the number of already without this sufficiently numerous similar ideas constantly arising there, which are transmitted from generation to generation as ‘something’ lawful and indubitable and which all together are partly the cause of the formation in their presences of those properties not one of which is becoming to three-centered beings of our Great Megalocosmos and among the number of which there belongs also that property inherent in them alone which engenders in them even ‘doubt in the existence of Divinity’; and owing chiefly to this doubt there has almost entirely disappeared from their common presences the possibility of the precipitation of those data which should without fail be precipitated in the presences of all three-brained beings, the totality of which data engenders in them the impulse, called the ‘instinctive sensing,’ of those certain cosmic truths, which are always felt even by all one-centered and two-centered beings, wherever they might breed in the whole of the Universe.


“Well, now, my boy, after this digression which I have made for your practical benefit, let us return again to the serious question touched upon; I shall begin with the history promised you about how the society of terrestrial beings which had as its motto ‘The-Earth-Is-Equally-Free-for-All’ arose and fell, because the information about this will give you the possibility to understand well just about that first and chief cause why there on your planet this terrible process of periodic reciprocal destruction by these unfortunate three-brained beings of our Great Megalocosmos must already almost inevitably proceed.


“But unfortunately for everything existing in the Megalocosmos, there is no honesty in your favorites even in respect of the fulfillment of their duties to Nature, not even to that Nature to which, strictly speaking, they owe their very existence.


“Where, then, is that pillar upon which, as it were, our whole Megalocosmos rests, and which is called Justice?!!!!


44 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Understanding of Justice Is for Him in the Objective Sense an Accursed Mirage


“In order that this should become comprehensible to you, I must tell you that among those exiled with me, at the very beginning of our exile there, was the chief ‘Zirlikner’ of our planet Karatas, the then still young but already very learned Pooloodjistius, who after the all-gracious pardon, became worthy to be and still is an assistant to the Great Observer of the movements of all the concentrations of the Megalocosmos—His Self-Keepness the Archseraph Ksheltarna.


“And so when I learned of the permanent place of their existence and to which posts they were found worthy, I, from then on, according to my promise, sent every quarter of our year to Tooilan an exact copy of all my written summaries of those observations which I continued to make. Rather many years passed since the time I began to send Tooilan these etherograms and I personally did not know what became of them until I received information about these same turbulent events on the planet Purgatory. It transpired that the great Governor of the holy planet Purgatory, His All-Quarters-Maintainer the Arch-cherub Helkgematios, having once by chance learned that one of the assistants of the Governor of the etherogram station, Tooilan, periodically received from the solar system Ors very long etherograms from his father, evinced a desire to become acquainted with their contents, and having become acquainted with them, he not only became interested in them himself, but even commanded your uncle Tooilan always to reproduce the contents of these etherograms in the common planetary ‘Toolookhterzinek,’1 so that some of the ‘higher being-bodies’ dwelling on the holy planet might, if they wished, for a rest, be informed of the psyche of those peculiar three-brained beings breeding in one of the very remote corners of the Megalocosmos.


“Owing to the fact that this couple had a healthy heredity in every respect, and that the external conditions of ordinary being-existence in general there were still relatively normal and for this couple happened to be specially favorable, hence the result of this sacred process, that is to say, this same, according to them, ‘son’ of theirs who was later called Makary Kronbernkzion, already received in his presence from the beginning of his arising and during his early existence almost the same data for the Being of a future responsible being as every Keschapmartnian three-brained being should possess at his arising anywhere on any other planet of our Great Megalocosmos, and as a desire happened to arise in his producers, or as it is said there in his ‘parents’ to prepare their ‘result’ to become a responsible being with a ‘scientific career,’ and as they also happened to find successful guides for him, then when this result of theirs became a responsible being, he became a very good ‘scientist’—of course, very good for the planet Earth.


“In short, to the imagination of these three-brained freaks of our Megalocosmos, a Devil is that invisible ‘somebody’ existing, as it were, among them, who on the command of our CREATOR ALL-MAINTAINER dwells on their planet for certain of HIS ALL-MAINTAINER’s aims.


1 Toolookhterzinek is similar—of course to a certain degree—to that which on Earth is called a “radiogram.”


45 In the Opinion of Beelzebub, Man’s Extraction of Electricity from Nature and Its Destruction During Its Use, Is One of the Chief Causes of the Shortening of the Life of Man


“It would be only half a calamity for our common Megalocosmos, if the abnormalities of the ordinary existence of the three-brained beings of this planet of yours had all kinds of bad consequences only for them themselves, that is, for the three-brained beings, which they are, and also for the possibilities of completely perfecting themselves with those higher being-bodies which have already had the extreme misfortune to arise within them or which will arise within them in the future.


“Here you must be told that on the planet Mars the duration of the existence of beings in general is almost the same as that of the three-centered beings of all the other planets of our Megalocosmos, excepting of course those beings who are directly formed from the first ‘Tetartocosmoses,’ and whose duration of existence may be three times as long.


“The three-brained beings arising and existing on the planet Mars as well as the three-centered beings of all those planets of our Megalocosmos on which an existence normal for three-centered beings proceeds, also have full possibility of reaching the state of the sacred Ischmetch, namely, that being-state when the existence of a being already becomes dependent, as regards the Most Great cosmic Iraniranumange, only on those substances which arise directly from the manifestations of the Most Most Holy Prime Source Itself, and not as it proceeds in the other beings whose existence depends on cosmic substances arising through the results of all corresponding gravity-center concentrations of the common-cosmic fundamental Ansanbaluiazar.


46 Beelzebub Explains to His Grandson the Significance of the Form and Sequence Which He Chose for Expounding the Information Concerning Man


“If one makes an analogy between this as they themselves call it ‘conscious Reason’ of theirs which is completely fixed in contemporary beings, and that Reason of three-brained beings in general who breed on other planets of our Great Megalocosmos, then the former which they have in them might be called the ‘Reason-of-knowing’ and the latter the ‘Reason-of-understanding.’


“Just like everything else in the Megalocosmos, in order that the ‘planetary body of a being’ may correctly serve its chief part, that is to say, in order that this auxiliary part of the whole being should properly serve his essence itself, this essence must always be just and make demands on it only according to its inherent possibilities.


“Besides this question of Justice, it is necessary to act toward the unconscious part of a being in such a way as to make it possible for certain functions to remain inactive from time to time, in order that it might be always possible for this unconscious part gradually and in its time to blend its newly acquired subjective ‘tempos’ with the objective ‘tempos’ of our common Megalocosmos.


“One must notice that in the Megalocosmos the blending of tempos proceeds only ‘Kaznookizkernian,’ that is, as your favorites would say, with ‘law-conformable gradualness.’


47 The Inevitable Result of Impartial Mentation


When all had arisen to their feet, the venerable archangel, addressing this time all the assembled beings of various natures, proclaimed:


“Beings created by One CREATOR, we have all just become worthy to be the first to behold the final formation of the appearance of that which is the dream both of all those present and of the beings in general of the whole of our great Megalocosmos.


“And now let us all together exult and rejoice over such a worthiness, which is for us such a revivifying shock for our ability to struggle against our own denying source, which ability alone can lead us to that sacred Podkoolad attained by one of the sons of our COMMON FATHER, who although he first transgressed on account of his youth, yet afterwards was able by his conscious labors and intentional sufferings to become worthy with his essence to be one of the very rare Sacred Individuals of the whole of our Great Universe.”


“Sacred Podkoolad of our Great Megalocosmos! Have mercy upon me and pardon me, an unfortunate ordinary three-centered being, for my past disrespectful manifestations, voluntary and involuntary, towards Your Sacred Essence.


“Have mercy and pardon me: just this three-centered being, who, though he has existed a very long time, yet to his misfortune—only because in his preparatory age nobody aided the crystallization in him of the data for the ability of intensively actualizing being-Partkdolg-duty—had until now been so shortsighted that he had been unable to sense the reality present beneath an exterior with which, according to the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, all those existing and newly arising units of the Megalocosmos are coated, who ought to have in their presence that sacred ‘something’ which is called Reason.”


“Almost… yes… Sacred Podkoolad of our Great Megalocosmos. Only with this difference, that at this moment the impulse of love both for our Ahoon and for the three-brained beings of the planet Earth now functions still more strongly in me.


“This impulse of love has become stronger in me, evidently because, as it seems to me, both Ahoon and the three-brained beings of the planet Earth have greatly aided me in becoming worthy to be a recent eyewitness of the Great Solemnity of Him who is the cause of the cause of my arising and Whom hitherto I have called my dear grandfather and Who has already visibly become one of the sacred Podkoolads of our Great Megalocosmos, before Whom all will bow and before Whom I have at this moment the happiness to stand.”